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​NBA 2K23: Things You Need To Know

Jul-26-2022 PST

You can find everything you need to know about NBA 2K23 pre-orders as well as features, cover stars, ratings, and more in this article.

There is no precise information on the exact release date of NBA 2K23. Still, based on the fact that 2K Games has released a new generation of NBA 2K every year in the past and the information we have to date, we have made the following guesses and conclusions.

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1. When is it expected to Release?

Depending on if they do, the custom is upheld; NBA 2K23 news announcements might start in June or July. In July of 2021, 2K Games teased NBA 2K22. NBA 2K21 was announced in June 2020 before that. Meanwhile, the first NBA 2K20 trailer was made available in July 2019.

The NBA Summer League begins on July 7 in Las Vegas and will have NBA 2K23 as its official partner. Based on this, we'll be aware of the day 2K Games formally announces the release date for NBA 2K23 at some point shortly.

Notably, the initial NBA 2K announcements frequently concentrate on the details. It's unreasonable to anticipate early game disclosures from 2K Games and Visual Concepts on the game's content.

2. Who is Cover Athlete?

We can anticipate that there will be several cover stars in NBA 2K23, given the cover stars in the various NBA 2K22 editions. Before NBA 2K23 release, 2K Games should name specific possible candidates.

Will it be them?

    • Stephen Curry, NBA Finals MVP in 2021–2022?

    • Nikola Jokic, NBA Most Valuable Player in 2021–2022?

    • Ja Morant, NBA Most Improved Player for 2021–2022?

    • NBA Mark Smart DPOY for 2021–2022.

2K Games may choose some players to serve as the Third/second/First Team All-NBA cover stars for the 2021–2022 season. It's also feasible that NBA 2K23 may feature WNBA players on the covers.

3. When will Pre-Orders release?

Immediately after NBA 2K23's release date and edition are confirmed by the publisher, pre-orders will begin. In light of the incentives for pre-ordering NBA 2K22, the pre-order prizes will be more if the upcoming NBA 2K23 is more expensive than NBA 2K22, and vice versa, but the rewards should be similar.

4. Demo

Before its scheduled release, 2K has made a quick preview of the new NBA 2K game available. Before purchasing the full edition, users may try out a small portion of the game in the demo. Even though NBA 2K22 had a demo available, the firm declined to provide it. What is anticipated to happen in NBA 2K23 is unknown.

5. Prominent Features

    • Similar to previous years, it will take some time for 2K Sports and Visual Dynamics to exhaust all of the features that are there in NBA 2K22.

    • This time around, NBA 2K23 should be a little more adaptable.

    • We are currently clueless as to the title.

    • However, there have been several improvements and changes, with the most recent console generation receiving the most attention, i.e., Xbox Series X and PS5.

6. How many Editions are there?

We are all aware that there are three editions of NBA 2K22 with prices ranging from $59.99 to $99.99. The benefits are better, and the price is higher. Most frequently, you get NBA 2K VC, NBA 2K MT accessories, player cards, or other things. According to the expectations, the cost of NBA 2K23 will remain the same as the previous game. Despite the possibility of early NBA 2K23 offers, they are more likely to surface amid Black Friday in November, over the holidays in December, and then around 2023.

7. Microtransactions

Most players ought to be overjoyed to see 2K work with other businesses to do rid of the grating in-game microtransactions. Virtual currency (VC) is poised to come back with NBA 2K23 as a 2K Games' cash cow. The importance of the NBA 2K23 MT should also not be overlooked similarly. Some people buy a lot of NBA 2K MT every year to outperform average players. By purchasing NBA 2K23, you will be able to accomplish this goal. The optimum approach for success is two-pronged.

8. Consoles

NBA 2K23 will likely be accessible on the current generation of platforms, including PS4/5, Xbox One or Xbox Series X/S, Windows PC, Nintendo Switch, and so on, based on the platform NBA 2K22 is available on. The NBA 2K23 game will also probably be released on other platforms later in the year. Don't worry about not acquiring it if you enjoy the NBA 2K series but don't currently possess an Xbox Series or PlayStation 5.

9. PC Requirements

Knowing the minimum and recommended system requirements is crucial if you intend to play NBA 2K23 on a PC. These specifications won't be fully disclosed until near launch. Delaying your reservation until you get the information is a good idea. However, what can we do to ensure that NBA 2K22 runs without a hitch on our system setup and that NBA 2K23 may be played without interruption?


If you are a true NBA enthusiast, The Championship Edition of 2K23 is the best choice for NBA fans who are serious about their passion for the league. A unique Jordan Challenge is part of the limited-edition release. According to 2K's release, Jordan Challenge. Additionally, the buyers will receive an NBA League Pass membership that permits them to watch live basketball.