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​NBA 2K23: Top Builds for Season 7 Revealed

May-19-2023 PST

Hey, NBA 2K23 players! Season Seven is finally here, and I'm here to share with you what I believe are the top two builds in the game right now. So you can trust that these builds are effective and can help you dominate on the court.

Build 1: The Speed Boosting Sharpshooter

The first build I want to highlight is a bit different from what most people go for, but it's incredibly effective. If you're looking to be lightning-fast and dominate from beyond the arc, this is the build for you. Here's how you should create it:

Position: Point Guard

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 160 pounds

Wingspan: 6'7"


• Close Shot: 53

• Driving Layup: 75

• Driving Dunk: 88 (recommended for the Michael Jordan dunk package)

• Post Control: 25


• Mid-Range Shot: 83

• Three-Point Shot: 92 (to unlock Gold Limitless Range)


• Pass Accuracy: 75 (70 is the minimum requirement)

• Ball Handle: 94 (for faster dribbling and access to powerful moves like Trey Young size-up escape and Steph Curry)


• Perimeter Defense: 70

• Steal: 85 (to unlock Bronze Clamps)

• Block, Offensive Rebound, Defensive Rebound: 25 (not essential for this build)

• Speed: 80 (running without the ball)

• Acceleration: 95 (essential for quick dribble speed boosting)

• Strength: 25

• Vertical: 70

• Stamina: 99

Takeover Combo:

• Primary Takeover: Spot-Up Shooter

• Secondary Takeover: Shot Creator

Badge Layout:


• Gold: Limitless Takeoff

• Silver: Slithery, Posterizer


• Gold: Agent 3

• Hall of Fame: Green Machine, Volume Shooter

• Silver: Blinders, Clutch Shooter

• Bronze: Dead Eye, Limitless Range


• Gold: Handles for Days, Quick First Step

• Silver: Bailout

• Bronze: Dimer, Unpluckable


• Gold: Interceptor, Anchors

• Silver: Clamps

• Bronze: Pogo Stick

Jump Shot: Base John Stockton, Release 1 Oscar Robertson, Release 2 Oscar Robertson, Release Speed Fastest

Dribble Moves: Refer to in-game options for the best dribble moves.

Build 2: The Inside-Out Playmaker

The second build I want to share with you is a powerful playmaking point guard build. This build excels in driving to the hoop, finishing with acrobatic layups, and creating opportunities for teammates. Here are the details:

Position: Point Guard

Height: 6'8"

Weight: 186 pounds

Wingspan: 7'6"


• Close Shot: 85

• Driving Layup: 88

• Driving Dunk: 88 (for flashy dunk animations)

• Post Control: 25


• Mid-Range Shot: 71

• Three-Point Shot: 83 (to unlock Silver Catch and Shoot)


• Pass Accuracy: 89 (for better dribble animations)

• Ball Handle: 89 (essential for smooth dribbling and creating opportunities for your teammates)


• Perimeter Defense: 80

• Steal: 75 (to unlock Bronze Pick Pocket)

• Block: 35

• Offensive Rebound: 25

• Defensive Rebound: 55


• Speed: 85

• Acceleration: 85

• Strength: 55

• Vertical: 70

• Stamina: 99

Takeover Combo:

• Primary Takeover: Playmaker

• Secondary Takeover: Slasher

Badge Layout:


• Gold: Acrobat, Fancy Footwork

• Silver: Contact Finisher, Relentless Finisher

• Bronze: Consistent Finisher


• Silver: Catch and Shoot, Range Extender, Quick Draw

• Bronze: Hot Zone Hunter


• Gold: Ankle Breaker, Dimer, Handles for Days, Quick First Step

• Silver: Floor General, Bail Out

• Bronze: Unpluckable, Space Creator


• Gold: Clamps, Pick Dodger

• Silver: Intimidator

• Bronze: Interceptor, Tireless Defender

Jump Shot: Base Jump Shot 38, Release 1 Rudy Gay, Release 2 Rudy Gay, Release Speed Quick

Dribble Moves: Refer to in-game options for the best dribble moves.

With this build, you'll have the versatility to score at the rim, knock down mid-range shots, and make plays for your teammates. Your size and athleticism will allow you to finish strong at the rim and defend multiple positions on the court.

Remember, these builds serve as a starting point, and you can customize them further based on your playstyle and preferences. Experiment with different badges, jump shots, and dribble moves to find what works best for you.

Good luck on the court, and I hope these builds help you dominate in NBA 2K23 Season 7!