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NBA 2K23 Wish List

Mar-28-2022 PST

For some, the new year is a way to start from scratch. But fans of sports simulator 2K Sports have a different opinion because it's time for a new game in the NBA 2K series. It's still a while before the game's launch, so the developers aren't in a rush to share any details about the project. What's the wish list for NBA 2K23 players?

NBA 2K23 Wish List

Cross-platform functionality

Many publishers have committed to adding cross-play to their games. For example, EA and the FIFA series. A great solution for 2K is to increase the ability for users to play together from different platforms.

player voice

Ability to customize My Player's sound, i.e. pitch and accent (New York, Southern, Surf, International, etc.). Voice can be used for courtroom conversations, press conferences, etc.

FIBA Competition Mode, Olympic Games and World Championships

Create a new game mode where you can create not only teams that can compete in FIBA and Olympic games in the past/present/future but also your own Olympic team. This can be integrated into MyNBA, MyCAREER and/or standalone.

Add missing legend

Buy a license and introduce Reggie Miller, Charles Barkley and other basketball stars to NBA 2K. Sure, it's going to cost a fortune for this 2K, but in games, they'll look great.

Virtual Reality (VR), Metaverse, and NFTs

We're still a long way from a full NBA 2K sim in VR and the Metaverse, but it could be on the horizon. Such a format would be a complete game-changer. Virtual reality has the potential to take the game on the field to a new level of immersion. The entire human body can be trained by physically simulating dribbling, dribbling, running, and other court activities. Or some hybrid could be developed in the system so players don't get tired.

Also, an ecosystem can be created using NFTs (non-fungible tokens). They can be obtained as a result of users playing digital assets, which can then be sold and exchanged on the Metaverse marketplace, which benefits players.

First-person perspective

First-person shooters (FPS) have always had a first-person perspective, and 2K Classic NFL 2K5 is the first sports game to feature a first-person mode and perspective. Adding this camera angle to the NBA 2K series, which will likely require extensive adjustments to stabilization and field of view, can bring a new perspective on what's happening on the court.

Spectator mode or become a fan mode

Spectator mode works in any game mode, but is especially fun for Pro-Am 5x5 and NBA 2K leagues, working with the 2K community to create a more dynamic, immersive and integrated platform. Here's how it works:

   Real 2K (MyPLAYERS) players can watch online Pro-Am matches by entering the arena or selecting from a list of upcoming or ongoing games.

   True "fans" can sit in the stands and watch Pro-Am games live with their real avatars.

   Players can also watch their friends play in any game mode.

For this, the 2K server needs to be improved.

better reflexes and movements

In any version of the game, responsiveness and clarity of action are to strive for. 1v1 defensive runs, slides and stances can all be improved, especially to keep up with the player's increased speed. Input lag is another area that could be improved. Of course, the developers will have to work hard on the animation, but it's worth it.

Completely remove AI bots in Rec

With the dwindling audience of 2K games due to a shortage of next-gen consoles, we understand why AI bots are being put into the next-gen Rec. This is because developers are afraid of game wait times. Most people would rather wait for a fourth and fifth player than play with an AI. Another way to reduce wait times is to make NBA 2K23 cross-platform.

Encourages realism, team ball, mobile attack

One of the developers of NBA 2K famously said, "Don't play video games, play basketball." Usually, this is more relevant to certain modes such as Pro-Am and Head-to-Head. Their goal, like the whole game, should be to reduce the number of attacks so basketball IQ and realistic strategy are not just a luxury but a necessity for winning.

The types of basketball in the real NBA and in the virtual world are also very different. Real basketball is smoother and more team based, but in NBA 2K we often see PGs over 80% usage, offscreen iso spam, cones stuck in corners, trash balls being rewarded. That needs to change if the 2K and NBA 2K leagues want to make realistic, high-quality sports simulations.

Vulnerabilities in NBA 2K

In the NBA 2K series, as with many other sports simulators, there are many different bugs. Some of them affect graphics, while others affect gameplay. There's nothing dangerous about graphic flaws, as they just provoke laughter. There are more serious bugs that can break the game. Of course, this is an important issue that developers need to address as soon as possible, as it may prevent players from returning to the game.

In summary, developers need to pay attention to these issues: dribbling, sending steal buttons or increasing speed, rewarding team balls, offensive movement, increasing rewards for passing, passing and moving without the ball, reducing the ability to steal, etc. We can only hope that NBA 2K23 has far fewer bugs.

These are all the details of NBA 2K23 currently known. With experience from past series and new opportunities, 2K looks forward to making NBA 2K23 the best game ever made. NBA2king will keep you updated with updates as new information becomes available. As a professional NBA 2K MT seller, we will provide NBA 2K23 MT when the new version is released.