NBA 2K24: New Badge System and Progression

Aug-25-2023 PST

2K has released new information about the badge system and progression in NBA 2K24. The new system is designed to be more dynamic and challenging, with badges fluctuating in level based on your performance in games.

New Badges

2K is adding 24 new badges to NBA 2K24, bringing the total number of badges to 77. The new badges include:

   94 Feet: Allows defenders to harass and bother ball handlers in the backcourt.

   Fast Feet: Boosts a player's ability to stay in front of dribblers.

   Menace: Makes it more difficult for opponents to shoot over you.

   Mismatch Expert: Gives you a boost against defenders who are smaller or weaker than you.

   Quick First Step: This allows you to get a head start on your defender when you start to dribble.

   Vice Grip: Makes it more difficult for opponents to strip the ball from you.

   Amped: Gives you a temporary boost to your attributes when you make a highlight play.

New Badge Progression System

In NBA 2K24, your badges will no longer be permanent. Instead, their level will fluctuate based on your performance in games. The more you use a badge, the higher its level will become. However, if you don't use a badge, its level will start to decrease.

There are four tiers of badge levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Hall of Fame. To reach the highest level, you'll need to consistently use the badge and perform well in games.

Badge Perks

In addition to the new badge progression system, 2K is also adding badge perks. Badge perks are consumables that can be used to boost your badge progression. There are four different badge perks:

   Overdrive: Increases the badge level progression in games.

   Immunity: Slows down the regression of your badges.

   Scholar: This gives you a significant increase in badge progression when you play online games and finish with a high teammate grade.

   Winner's Circle: This gives you an added boost in games online, but you will receive zero progression if you lose the game.

Floor Setters

To help players keep their badges at a high level, 2K is introducing a new item called Floor Setters. Floor Setters are earned by playing through the seasons and can be used to make a badge permanent at a certain level.

For example, if you have a Hall of Fame badge for Quick First Step, you can use a Floor Setter to make it permanent at the Gold level. This means that even if you don't use the badge, its level will not decrease.


The new badge system and progression in NBA 2K24 is a significant change from previous games. It will be interesting to see how it plays out in the game. Some players may be frustrated by the fact that their badges are no longer permanent, while others may appreciate the added challenge. Only time will tell how the new system is received by the community.

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