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NBA 2K24: Shooting Changes

Aug-17-2023 PST

The shooting mechanics in NBA 2K have been a hot topic of discussion for years. Some players love the challenge of timing their shots perfectly, while others find it frustrating and unrealistic. With NBA 2K24, developer Visual Concepts is making some significant changes to the shooting system in an effort to make it more fair and balanced.

Green Only is Back

One of the most notable changes is the return of "green only" shooting. In previous games, players could still make shots even if they didn't time them perfectly. However, in NBA 2K24, only shots that are released perfectly will go in. This will make it more difficult to score, but it will also reward players who are able to master the timing.

Shot Meter Changes

The shot meter is also being tweaked in NBA 2K24. The size of the green window will be increased if the shot meter is turned off, making it easier to get a perfect release. However, players who keep the shot meter on will still be able to see their opponents' shot meters, which could give them an advantage.

Fading Shots Nerfed

Fading shots are another area that is being nerfed in NBA 2K24. These shots were previously very overpowered, as they were very difficult to contest and could be made from anywhere on the court. However, in NBA 2K24, fading shots will be less effective, especially from long-range.

Mid-Range Buffs

Mid-range shots are getting a buff in NBA 2K24. These shots were previously underutilized, as players often opted to take three-pointers instead. However, in NBA 2K24, mid-range shots will be more accurate and will be rewarded more.

New Contest System

The contest system is also being completely reworked in NBA 2K24. The new system will focus more on body positioning than hand location. This means that players who are well-positioned to contest a shot will be more effective, even if they don't have their hands up.

Defensive Quickness Matters More

Defensive quickness is also being made more important in NBA 2K24. This means that players who are quick enough to close out on shooters will be more effective at contesting shots. This change should make it more difficult for players to simply spam the shot contest button and get away with it.

New Jump Shot Attribute

A new jump shot attribute is being added in NBA 2K24 called "shot timing stability." This attribute will determine how much a player's shot speed is affected by fatigue and defense. Players with high shot timing stability will be less likely to have their shots affected by these factors.

Overall, the shooting changes in NBA 2K24 are a step in the right direction. They make shooting more realistic and rewarding, while also making it more difficult for casual players. These changes should make the game more balanced and competitive, and they should be welcomed by most players. However, one thing is for sure: the shooting mechanics in NBA 2K24 will be very different from previous games.

Here are some additional details about the shooting changes in NBA 2K24:

The green window will be smaller than in NBA 2K23. This means that it will be more difficult to release the ball perfectly.

The shot meter will only be visible to you in online games. This will make it more difficult for your opponents to know when you are going to shoot.

Fading from the free throw line will be less effective. This is a nerf to a move that was often considered to be too overpowered.

The mid-range shot will be more effective. This is a buff to a shot that is an important part of the game.

The contest system will be more focused on body positioning. This means that defenders will be able to contest shots more effectively, even if they are not directly in front of the shooter.

Defensive quickness will play a more important role in the contest system. This means that defenders who are quick enough can contest shots even if they are not in the best position.

A new jump shot attribute called "shot timing stability" has been added. This attribute will determine how much your shot speed is affected by fatigue and defense.

These are just some of the shooting changes that have been made in NBA 2K24. The full list of changes can be found in the game's patch notes.