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NBA 2K24: The Best All-Around Build

Oct-13-2023 PST
Tag: NBA2king , NBA 2K

In NBA 2K24, the quest to find the perfect build that excels in all aspects of the game can be a daunting task. However, there's a build that has been making waves in the community for its incredible versatility. This build combines exceptional defense, sharpshooting, ball-handling, and dunking, making it a true all-around powerhouse. In this article, we'll delve into the details of this build, what makes it so special, and how to create it.

The Inside-Out Threat: An Overview

The Inside Out Threat is the official name of this remarkable NBA 2K24 build. It has garnered a reputation for its incredible defensive prowess, shooting accuracy, ball-handling skills, and dunking ability. This build is so well-rounded that it can compete effectively in all game modes, from MyCareer to online multiplayer.

Position and Physical Attributes

To create the ultimate Inside Out Threat, you'll need to carefully consider the position, height, weight, and wingspan. While it can be tempting to choose a point guard, you can also opt for a shooting guard or small forward without compromising the build's versatility. However, for true defensive dominance, it's recommended to select a height of 6'7. This height allows you to unlock the crucial Anchor badge, which significantly improves your shot-blocking capabilities.

For weight, there are two options: 194 lbs and 208 lbs. Going with the lower weight (194 lbs) increases your speed, while the higher weight (208 lbs) provides you with more strength. In our pursuit of an all-around build, we lean towards the lower weight, emphasizing speed.

Wingspan is another crucial factor. Max out your wingspan to enhance your defensive capabilities by increasing your contesting ability. With a maxed wingspan, your build will be a defensive powerhouse.

Attribute Allocation

Now, let's dive into the specific attributes that make the Inside Out Threat so formidable. Here's a breakdown of the key attributes:


   • Three-Point Shot: Max it out to 79. While some might consider this relatively low, you'll still be a consistent shooter, even from beyond the arc.

   • Mid-Range Shot: Set it to 64; this will be sufficient, considering your focus on other areas of your game.

   • Free Throw: Keep it at 54. You won't rely on free throws much, but it's always good to have some accuracy.


   • Ball Handling: Upgrade it to 85. This allows you to unlock the Speed Booster badge, enhancing your dribbling skills.

   • Speed with Ball: Raise it to 72 to earn the Silver Speed Booster badge.

   • Acceleration: Set it to 82 to strike a balance between speed and acceleration.


   • Steel: Max out your steal attribute to 91, unlocking valuable defensive badges such as Gold Glove and Gold Interceptor.

   • Perimeter Defense: Raise it to 85 to earn the Silver Clamps badge.

   • Interior Defense: Set it to 77 to unlock Silver Anchor.

   • Strength: Keep it at 74 to secure the Bronze Bulldozer.


   • Shooting: Catch and Shoot, Corner Specialist, Deadeye, Green Machine, Quick Release

   • Playmaking: Ankle Breaker, Combo Mover, Handles for Days, Quick First Step, Tight Handles

   • Finishing: Contact Finisher, Fancy Finisher, Relentless Finisher, Slithery Finisher

   • Defense: Ankle Breaker, Chasedown Artist, Clamps, Intimidator, Pick Dodger, Rim Protector

Block: Max it out to 87 to get Silver Anchor.

Vertical: Set it to 60 to obtain Bronze Chase Down Artist.

Rebounding: Place your rebounding attribute at 60, and set offensive rebounding to 26.


   • Close Shot: Increase it to 81 to get important finishing badges, including Fast Twitch on Silver.

   • Driving Layup: Set it at 68, as this is the sweet spot for unlocking several essential finishing badges.

   • Driving Dunk: Go with a 65 to access a solid range of dunk packages that are less prone to being blocked.

   • Standing Dunk: Leave it at 45; you don't need a higher attribute to equip useful standing dunk packages.

Post Control: Upgrade it to 92 to unlock Gold Unpluckable.

Secondary Variation

If you prefer a build with a bit more pass accuracy for modes beyond one-on-one, you can create a secondary variation of the Inside Out Threat. In this case, you can reduce acceleration to 76 and increase pass accuracy to 63, while keeping the rest of the attributes the same. This alternative build allows for more versatile gameplay, particularly in team-based modes.

Tips and Tricks

Here are some tips for playing with this build:

   • Use your size and wingspan to your advantage on defense.

   • Be aggressive on offense and look to score from anywhere on the court.

   • Use your ball handling and speed to create plays for your teammates.

   • Don't be afraid to take contested shots. With a 79 three-point rating, you're going to make a lot of them.


The Inside Out Threat is a game-changing build in NBA 2K24, offering an unparalleled combination of skills and attributes. With a focus on defense, shooting, dribbling, and dunking, this build can excel in any game mode. Whether you're dominating in one-on-one situations or thriving in team-based competition, the Inside Out Threat is your ticket to all-around success on the virtual basketball court. So, go ahead, create this powerhouse build, and experience the best of both worlds in NBA 2K24.