NBA 2K24: The Ultimate Stretch Big Build

Sep-07-2023 PST Tag: NBA 2K, NBA2king, NBA 2K24 MT

The stretch big is one of the most popular builds in NBA 2K, and for good reason. These players can shoot the lights out from beyond the arc, and they can also be effective rebounders and defenders.

In NBA 2K24, the stretch big build is even more powerful than ever before. With the new shooting mechanics, it is easier than ever to hit three-pointers, and the defensive badges have been buffed.

Here is a breakdown of the best stretch big build in NBA 2K24:

Height: 6'9"

This is the ideal height for a stretch big. It is tall enough to be effective on the boards, but it is not so tall that it will sacrifice speed and mobility.

Weight: 220 lbs

This weight will give the stretch big a good balance of strength and speed.

Wingspan: Max

The max wingspan will give the stretch big the best possible shooting range.


3-Point Shooting: 99

Mid-Range Shooting: 85

Free Throw Shooting: 80

Driving Dunk: 70

Standing Dunk: 85

Close Shot: 75

Rebounding: 80

Defensive Rebounding: 85

Block: 75

Steal: 60

Playmaking: 65

These attributes are designed to make the stretch a dominant force on the offensive end. He will be able to shoot the three-pointer at an elite level, and he will also be able to score inside and finish at the rim.

The defensive attributes are also solid, giving the stretch big the ability to rebound and defend the paint.



Gold Catch and Shoot

Gold Corner Specialist

Gold Green Machine

Gold HOF Limitless Range

Gold Space Creator


Bronze Posterizer

Bronze Slithery Finisher

Bronze Contact Finisher


Silver Dimer

Bronze Break Starter


Silver Clamps

Silver Ankle Braces

Bronze Interceptor

Bronze Box Out Ace

These badges will make the stretch big and a complete player on both ends of the floor. He will be able to shoot the lights out, and he will also be able to defend and rebound at a high level.

This is just one example of a great stretch big build in NBA 2K24. There are many other ways to build this archetype, and the best build for you will depend on your playstyle. However, this build is a great place to start if you are looking to create a dominant stretch in the game.

Here are some additional tips for creating a great stretch big build:

Focus on your shooting attributes. This is the most important part of being a stretch big.

Don't neglect your defense. You will need to be able to rebound and defend the paint if you want to be a complete player.

Experiment with different builds. There is no one perfect build, so find one that fits your playstyle.

Practice your shooting. The more you practice, the better you will become at shooting the three-pointer.

With a little bit of time and effort, you can create a stretch big build that will dominate the competition in NBA 2K24.