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NBA 2K24: The Ultimate Two-Way Slashing Playmaker Build

Sep-14-2023 PST

Today, we're diving deep into the world of NBA 2K24 to explore a build that's been causing quite a stir in the community – the Two-Way Slashing Playmaker. But before we get started, you can follow NBA2King to stay updated with all the latest NBA 2K24 developments. NBA2King also provides high-quality and cheap NBA 2K24 MT/VC/Boosting services, Thank you for your support.

Attributes and Badges

Here are the specific attributes and badges that you will need to focus on for a lockdown build:


       Perimeter defense: 99

       Steal: 99

       Block: 90

       Rebounding: 80



       Pick Dodger

       Ankle Braces


       Heart Crusher


       Chase Down Artist

       Tireless Defender

       Pick Pocket


With these attributes and badges, you will be able to lock down opposing players on the perimeter and in the paint. You will also be able to get steals and deflections and prevent your opponents from scoring.

However, it is important to note that the lockdown build is not without its weaknesses. This build is very weak on offense, and you will have a difficult time scoring points. You will also need to be careful not to foul out of games.

Attributes and Speed Boosting

Let's break down the essential attributes of this build. To unlock Speed Booster, you need an 86 speed with the ball. So, make sure you adjust your attributes to hit that mark, as it's a game-changer for ball-handling.

Blow-bys are essential for driving past defenders, and having Blow-bys on Gold is crucial. This requires a 92 ball handle and 83 strength. It's a delicate balance, but it pays off when you blow past your defenders with ease.

Killer Crossovers aren't a primary focus for this build, so you can afford to leave them at a lower level. However, you'll need a 93-ball handle for Killer Combos, which can be useful for mixing up your dribble moves.


On the defensive end, this build offers Silver Clamps and Silver Pick Dodger. While it's not a lockdown build, it still holds its own on the perimeter. Remember that defense isn't just about stealing the ball; positioning, anticipation, and bumping your opponent play a significant role in your success.

Strength and Physicals

With a 64-strength rating, this build is surprisingly sturdy. You'll be able to absorb contact and finish through it. Fearless Finisher on Silver complements your strength, allowing you to complete difficult layups even in traffic.


In conclusion, the Two-Way Slashing Playmaker in NBA 2K24 is a versatile and exciting build that can dominate both ends of the court. It's not your traditional sharpshooting build, but it offers a unique playstyle that's all about driving, finishing, and playing lockdown defense on the perimeter.

Remember, your success with this build depends on your adaptability and skill. Experiment with different badges, playstyles, and strategies to make this build your own. Are you ready to embrace the two-way slashing playmaker and take your game to the next level?