​NBA 2K24: Top 10 Rookies Rating Predictions

Aug-08-2023 PST Tag: NBA 2K, NBA2king, NBA 2K24 MT

If you're waiting for the official 2K Games announcement to find out who the highest-rated rookies in NBA 2K24 are, check out our predictions for the top 10 highest-rated rookies in NBA 2K24 based on their draft position, college performance, and overall potential below.

Victor Wembanyama (C, San Antonio Spurs) - 81 overall

Dubbed the "Unicorn" for his rare combination of size, skill, and athleticism, Victor Wembanyama is the consensus top prospect in the 2023 NBA Draft. Standing at a towering 7'3" with an incredible 7'8" wingspan, he possesses the potential to be a dominant two-way force in the league. Wembanyama's versatility allows him to score from inside and outside while providing a formidable rim protection presence. With such an impressive skill set, he is projected to have an overall rating of 81 in NBA 2K24, making him an instant game-changer.

Brandon Miller (SF, Charlotte Hornets) - 79 overall

Brandon Miller, a 6'8" wing with a 7'1" wingspan, brings a versatile scoring and defensive package to the table. His ability to handle the ball, knock down jumpers, and finish at the rim makes him a nightmare matchup for opponents. As a potential cornerstone player for the Charlotte Hornets, Miller is expected to make a significant impact in his rookie season and is projected to have an overall rating of 79 in NBA 2K24.

Scoot Henderson (PG, Memphis Grizzlies) - 78 overall (confirmed)

Scoot Henderson is a dynamic playmaker with a scoring touch, making him an ideal fit for the fast-paced play of the Memphis Grizzlies. Standing at 6'5" with a 6'9" wingspan, Henderson has an uncanny ability to create shots for himself and his teammates. With his flashy ball-handling skills and court vision, he is projected to have an overall rating of 78 in NBA 2K24. His electrifying style of play is sure to make him a fan favorite in the virtual world.

Amen Thompson (PG/SG, Houston Rockets) - 76 overall

Amen Thompson is a scoring guard known for his tenacity and ability to get to the basket. As a 6'3" guard with a 6'8" wingspan, he has shown great potential in both scoring and distributing the ball during his college career. Thompson's ability to excel at both guard positions will provide the Houston Rockets with a valuable asset off the bench. He is projected to have an overall rating of 76 in NBA 2K24, solidifying his role as a key contributor in his rookie season.

Ausar Thompson (SF, Detroit Pistons) - 76 overall

Ausar Thompson, a 6'7" small forward, is an impressive two-way player with a smooth scoring touch. He has demonstrated an ability to knock down shots from beyond the arc while also using his length to disrupt opponents on defense. As the Detroit Pistons continue to build their young core, Thompson's versatility will be a valuable asset, and he is projected to have an overall rating of 76 in NBA 2K24.

Anthony Black (PG, Orlando Magic) - 75 overall

Anthony Black is a promising point guard with a high basketball IQ and a knack for setting up his teammates. Standing at 6'2", he might not have the size of other players on this list, but he compensates with his quickness and crafty ball-handling skills. As the floor general for the Orlando Magic, Black is projected to have an overall rating of 75 in NBA 2K24, contributing to the team's rebuilding efforts.

Bilal Coulibaly (SF, Washington Wizards) - 75 overall

Bilal Coulibaly, a 6'9" small forward with a 7'2" wingspan, possesses the tools to be a force on both ends of the floor. With his length and athleticism, Coulibaly can finish at the rim with ease and defend multiple positions effectively. As a young talent for the Washington Wizards, he is projected to have an overall rating of 75 in NBA 2K24, adding depth to the team's wing rotation.

Jarace Walker (PF, Indiana Pacers) - 75 overall

Jarace Walker is a powerful forward with a well-rounded skill set that includes scoring, rebounding, and shot-blocking abilities. At 6'8", he has the physicality to bang inside and the agility to score from mid-range. As the Indiana Pacers look to solidify their frontcourt, Walker's potential impact earns him a projected overall rating of 75 in NBA 2K24.

Taylor Hendricks (PF, Utah Jazz) - 74 overall

Taylor Hendricks, a 6'10" power forward, is an intriguing prospect due to his athleticism and potential as a stretch-four. He has shown the ability to shoot from deep and protect the rim during his college career. As the Utah Jazz seek to bolster their frontcourt depth, Hendricks is projected to have an overall rating of 74 in NBA 2K24.

Cason Wallace (PG, Oklahoma City Thunder) - 73 overall

Cason Wallace, a 6'4" point guard with a 6'7" wingspan, is an explosive athlete who excels on both ends of the floor. His defensive tenacity and scoring ability make him a promising prospect for the Oklahoma City Thunder. As they continue their rebuild, Wallace is projected to have an overall rating of 73 in NBA 2K24.

It is essential to note that these ratings are mere predictions and might differ when NBA 2K24 is finally released. The actual performance of these players in the NBA will heavily influence their in-game ratings. However, based on their draft position, college performance, and projected potential, these players should be impact players in their rookie seasons and should have high ratings in the game.

In conclusion, each rookie on this list offers unique skills that will surely captivate gamers worldwide. As we await the game's release, basketball enthusiasts can only dream of the exhilarating virtual experiences that these talented rookies will provide on the digital court. So, get your controllers ready, because NBA 2K24 is set to deliver yet another thrilling gaming experience for basketball lovers everywhere.