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NBA 2K24: Two-Way Stretch Center Build

Aug-28-2023 PST

Ready to dive into the juicy details of potentially my center build for NBA 2K24. The build is a two-way stretch center, which means it will focus on both shooting and defense. Plans to make the build 6'10" with a max wingspan, which will give him the size and length to be effective in both the post and on the perimeter.

On the offensive end, Focus on shooting three-pointers and mid-range jumpers. He will also have the ability to post up smaller defenders and score inside. On the defensive end, Focus on blocking shots and rebounding. He will also have the ability to guard multiple positions, making him a valuable asset to any team.

Here are the detailed attributes and badges for the two-way stretch center build:


   Shooting: 83

   Playmaking: 70

   Defense: 75

   Physicals: 70


   Shooting: HOF Catch and Shoot, HOF Corner Specialist, Gold Deadeye, Silver Green Machine, Silver Hot Zone Hunter

   Playmaking: Silver Needle Threader, Silver Bail Out

   Defense: HOF Rim Protector, HOF Chasedown Artist, Gold Brick Wall, Silver Intimidator, Silver Clamps

Believes that this build will be versatile and effective in both MyCareer and online modes. He is excited to test it out when NBA 2K24 is released later this year.

In addition to the two-way stretch center build, Also revealed plans for a few other builds. Considering making a playmaking shot creator, a rebounding wing, and a slashing playmaker. He will likely experiment with different builds before deciding on his final one.

The player is always looking for new and innovative ways to play NBA 2K. Two-way stretch center build is just one example of his creativity. It will be interesting to see how this build performs in NBA 2K24.

Here are some additional thoughts on the two-way stretch center build:

   The build is a good balance of shooting and defense. This will make it versatile and effective in a variety of situations.

   The build's size and length will be an asset on both ends of the court. Be able to defend multiple positions and score over smaller defenders.

   The build's badges are well-rounded. This will give the ability to shoot, defend, and pass at a high level.

Overall, Uncle Jimmy's two-way stretch center build is a solid option for players who want a versatile and effective build. It is a good choice for both MyCareer and online modes.

Here are some tips for using a two-way stretch center build:

   Use your shooting ability to space the floor for your teammates.

   Be a rim protector and rebounder on defense.

   Use your size and length to defend multiple positions.

   Experiment with different play styles to find what works best for you.

With a little practice, you can be a dominant force with a two-way stretch center build.