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NBA 2K24: What the Community Wants in the Builder

Jul-26-2023 PST

The anticipation for NBA 2K24 is reaching a fever pitch as fans eagerly await the latest installment in the beloved basketball simulation franchise. Exciting news has already been unveiled, including the legendary Kobe Bryant gracing the cover alongside Sabrina. Additionally, the game will introduce cross-play for the new generation of consoles, a feature that has long been requested by the 2K community. However, as the game's release draws closer, players and fans alike are voicing their opinions on what the game's Builder should offer to make it a resounding success. In this article, we'll explore some of the most critical aspects that the community and players want to see in NBA 2K24's Builder, aiming to create a diverse and engaging gaming experience.

Build Diversity and Identity

One of the most common complaints in previous NBA 2K titles was the lack of build diversity. Many players felt that they were forced to adopt the same "do-it-all" build that could excel in every aspect of the game. This resulted in a repetitive and monotonous experience, where everyone seemed to be playing similar styles.

To counter this, NBA 2K24's Builder should offer a more diverse range of builds, each with its strengths and weaknesses. This way, players will have the freedom to choose a playstyle that aligns with their preferences and skill sets. For example, a sharpshooting playmaker should be known for their three-point shooting and agility, while a post-scoring shot creator should excel in mid-range and post-moves.

Attribute and Animation Requirements

To enhance the significance of a player's attributes, the game should ensure that every attribute has a noticeable impact on gameplay. Animations tied to specific attributes should be unlocked at higher ratings, providing players with a tangible sense of progress as they improve their characters. This encourages players to build their characters strategically, aiming to unlock the most potent animations by investing in essential attributes.

Realistic Gameplay and Builder Synergy

A crucial aspect of NBA 2K24's success lies in the seamless integration between the gameplay mechanics and the Builder. Players want a cohesive experience where the choices they make in the Builder directly affect their performance on the court. This requires balancing the Builder options with the in-game mechanics, ensuring that specific builds align with the desired playstyles and promote skillful gameplay.

Double Archetypes and Real Options

The return of double archetypes, as seen in NBA 2K19, could provide a more comprehensive range of build options while maintaining the desired build diversity. Players found this system to be rewarding, allowing them to combine two skill sets and create unique and competitive builds.

Moreover, every possible option should be a real option, meaning that each build should have its strengths and weaknesses that align with its intended playstyle. This way, players won't feel compelled to create generic, all-around builds, and the game will become more dynamic and exciting.

Revamp of Moving Shot Attributes

The reintroduction of moving shot attributes, such as moving mid-range and moving three-pointer, could revitalize gameplay by encouraging players to adopt different playstyles. Currently, the absence of these attributes makes it too easy for every build to excel in fading shots. Reintroducing these attributes would force players to make strategic choices regarding their preferred style of play, enhancing the overall gameplay experience.

Additional Thoughts

In addition to the above, here are some other thoughts on what the community wants to see in the 2K24 Builder:

• More archetype options: The current Builder only offers a limited number of archetypes, which can be limiting for players who want to create a unique build.

• More customization options: The current Builder is fairly limited in terms of customization options. Players would like to be able to customize their builds in more detail, such as choosing their height, weight, and wingspan.

• More realistic attribute caps: The current attribute caps are too high, which allows players to create overpowered builds.

• More balanced badge distribution: The current badge distribution is not very balanced. Some builds have a lot of badges, while others have very few.

Overall, the community wants a 2K24 Builder that is more balanced, customizable, and realistic. If 2K can address these concerns, then the Builder will be a huge improvement over the current version.