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NBA - Big novelty in sight for 2K21

Mar-12-2020 PST

With the upcoming arrival of PS5 and Xbox Series X, 2K is considering the best ways to improve a game that is still sealed by a few bugs. According to the latest rumors, a big novelty is looming with the arrival of ray tracing. We will explain everything to you.

A few months after the release of 2K20, the trend is to disappointment since the game is still sealed by a few bugs, causing the players' exasperation. The firm is therefore looking for a way to raise the bar, and the arrival next fall of new consoles from Sony and Microsoft should help in this direction.

The PS5 and Xbox Project Scarlett or Xbox Series X were indeed announced recently and lead the games to have to adapt, in order to surf the hype. The firm should not deviate from the rule, with the insistent rumors of the appearance of a big improvement in graphics through ray tracing.

For the most tech-savvy among you, ray tracing, literally, is no stranger to you. For the others, a little explanation is essential. It is an image rendering technique that is mainly used in the production of computer generated images and films. It allows you to produce very realistic images, as in the animated films that you can see on screens today.

This graphics technology is primarily used to enhance visuals and is considered by many to be the best ever developed for networks. The 2K firm therefore intends to take advantage of the arrival of the new, more powerful consoles to use it and thus make it new. But for what concrete changes in the game?

First, it would touch the faces of the players and make them even more like. Today, only the stars are very well done and many "random" players do not really look like reality. The shadows and lights would also be adjusted on the ground, for a better visual experience.

Also note better movements during games, so expect a better overall experience in the game. Now see if this technology will affect other aspects, but what is certain is that 2K takes out the big maneuvers to recover disappointed fans.

A question now arises: what will be the face of the new opus of 2021? We are still far from the announcements and already, a few names are circulating according to Brian Mazique of Forbes. Note that for 2K20, Anthony Davis for the standard version and Dwyane Wade for the legendary version were the headliners.

For the normal version, the plausible candidates would therefore be: Kawhi Leonard, Trae Young, Kevin Durant, Damian Lillard, Joel Embiid, Ja Morant and Zion Williamson. What about the legend edition? Allen Iverson or one of Kobe Bryant, Tim Duncan and Kevin Garnett, all 3 inducted into the Hall of Fame in the next vintage, are mentioned.

2K plans to release heavy artillery for its 2021 album, which is expected to be the first on new consoles. We look forward some things we would like to see in 2K21.