NBA fans want Kobe Bryant to be NBA 2K21 cover character

NBA fans still rock a week after the news about the death of Kobe Bryant that turned the world upside down. This is perhaps the most traumatic death for the athlete in sports history, although he was able to make an argument for Roberto Clemente in 1972. The death of Kobe, however, brought countless greetings from the NBA and the rest of the world. Bryant's character in countless societies, Bryant's death has never been real.

One of these communities, the NBA 2K fan base, argues for something specific for the immortal Cuban. These fans ask the developers to make Kobe Bryant the recommended athlete in the NBA 2K21.

Did Kobe bless the cap one last time? Kobe Bryant was no stranger to the cover of NBA 2K games. It was a Sports Cover for NBA 2K10 and one of the Legends Edition for NBA 2K17. Although it is rare for an athlete to be shown three times, the community believes that 2K can make this exception.

Since his death, 2K20 players have honored them for remembering Bryant. This includes taking 24-second and 8-second offenses to honor both his retired Los Angeles Lakers numbers. Official NBA teams started this trend on Sunday afternoon, hours after the news was released. 2K players also roam on MyPark with Kobe Bryant shirts.

The NBA 2K team honored Kobe and posted a photo on the login screen at 2K20. Fans don't think this is enough and want to see Bryant again on the NBA 2K cover. It is planned that 2K21 will appear in September this year, so there is time for 2K to make it happen. It seems that this step would be useful for all involved.

What do you think should happen? Let us know and stay up to date with NBA2king for more gaming news. Nba2king will go on providing NBA 2K21 MT service when NBA 2K21 Season coming!


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