NBA Live 21: release date and other information

Will we find a sequel from the EA Sports franchise, although it's been a very long wait for fans?

2020 is going to be a big year in the gaming world. There's a new wave of gaming on its way together with the upcoming releases of the next-gen consoles, Sony's PS5 and Microsoft's Xbox collection X. Whilst these two consoles have been confirmed, leaving gamers marking the dates in their diaries and preparing for release, whether EA's NBA Live will be on the shelves alongside them is another question. There was no release for its basketball sim this year, here is what we know up to now about a 2020 launch for the main competitor of 2K.

Release Date

Whilst EA has not yet made an official affirmation for the game, looking at past releases we anticipate that any potential release would hit the shelves in September time. However, it would not be a surprise to see EA miss out the consoles (PS4 and Xbox One) and develop NBA Live 21 exclusively for its PS5 and new Xbox upon their launch.


We are unsure of the details surrounding the match but as it will be an EA release, any announcement is very likely to come at the 2020 E3 Expo, which is held in Los Angeles between June 11th and June 9th. Should an expected release be announced, we can expect a trailer for the game to also EA with a year to have the match back to where they need it expect fireworks in July's days and drop.

Cover Star

As is the case with competing businesses, such as FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer, there is always a battle to have the biggest and best players at the game on your pay. NBA Live has experienced a range of different stars in their pay in the last couple of years, together with Philadelphia 76ers centre Joel Embiid fronting their last release (NBA Live 19). Given that 2K have stormed ahead of NBA Live from the basketball market, we expect they will go after a significant name participant for their next pay.

Whilst we agreed to take a year off in order to receive back their basketball sim on the right track, having had people will be expecting big things.


We are going to begin with images and after facing backlash due to their regression of in-game visuals, NBA Live's rival NBA 2K stepped it up this season and released the images that a basketball sim has ever observed. Well, there were some leaked images of what the visuals of NBA Live 20 were set to look like if they are anything to go by and prior to the game was pulled, then NBA Live 21 could trump 2K in this department.


This is a easy one but one that is the rosters which can come on NBA Live 21 and that will please a lot of NBA Live fanatics. Those who prefer the franchise over 2K have needed to stick 19 due to a no-show for NBA Live for the past 18 months 20, but the downfall with this is an out of date roster. NBA Live 21 will watch the players turn out for their current franchises, something that's part and parcel with a sports game. More NBA game news all in nba2king!


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