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NBA2king: 5 best badges for dipping and explosive packaging in 2K20

May-23-2020 PST

In this guide, we provide you with the five best finishing badges that allow you to take full advantage of the MyPLAYER's casting and driving properties in NBA 2K20.

Being able to finish on the edge by submerging the ball's Vinsanity style or going to a charming field that awe the crowds for their simplicity and brilliant brilliance is paramount to any NBA 2K20 guard construction.

In order to successfully perform these flashy moves in the game, you must set the completed badges correctly. For this reason, we decided to put together this guide, which will give you everything you need to know about the top five finishing badges you need to achieve the maximum ultimate player abilities.

Contact Finisher (Hall of Fame)

This is easily one of the most important finishing badges in the game. It increases the chances that your player will successfully pull a dunk in traffic or a roll in traffic. If your device's latest finishing features are sometime in the 80's or higher, this badge will greatly enhance your player's dominance in this area.

When set to the Hall of Fame level, Contact Finisher sometimes causes your player to ignore the defense in paint, letting you pull the fiercest contact madness or layups. In combination with the correct final animation, this badge is a recipe to make MyPLAYER a force to be reckoned with.

The Giant Killer (Hall of Fame)

Some players like to make their goalkeepers shorter and less dependent on diving, which throws the ball to the edge. This is where Giant Slayer plays a big part as it improves layup efficiency against higher defenders, and also reduces the chance of being blocked and rejected on the edge.

Assigning this badge to the Hall of Fame level is extremely important to end efforts to end the match against other centers or long matches, especially when we consider that most centers - which are really huge - work incredibly impressive as defensive insignia.

Pro Touch (Hall of Fame)

More on the fixed theme theme, Pro Touch is a badge that will give you an extra boost in rank in time. If you have no problem timing the throw properly, this badge's Hall of Fame level will almost always end your efforts successfully.

Combining this badge with HOF Giant Slayer makes for the perfect combination that leaves almost no room for your layup attempts, so it's definitely worth spending eight final upgrades for this Hall of Fame level duo.

Consistent Finisher (Silver)

To further improve the endgame, Consistent Finisher is a badge you should find in your arsenal. As the name suggests, it helps to position your building points more consistently by reducing the fine for bad timekeeping attempts.

However, since the dismissal error is uncommon in NBA 2K20, we recommend setting this badge to the silver level only. It is not necessary to go higher unless you have major problems with the timing of your pitches. In that case, we recommend that you practice and improve your skills before spending additional upgrades on this badge.

Slithery Finisher

Whatever security type you use, Slithery Finisher is an indispensable last badge. It improves your player's ability to avoid coming into contact with competing players when diving or throwing the ball.

This badge's Hall of Fame level allows you to work your way through the defense that easily protects the rim, giving you more momentum to successfully submerge or convert the layout. But even if you end up communicating with a defensive player guarding the edge, the aforementioned contact termination icon will eventually make the basket.