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NBA2KING Thanksgiving 2021 Deal

Nov-19-2021 PST

Appreciate a lot for your support since NBA2King was started. We are starting the special deal for all NBA 2K customers with Thanksgiving coming now.

Thanksgiving Promo A:

5.000.000 NBA 2K22 MT huge giveaways

All people who are playing NBA 2K22 can join the giveaways. Make sure you Follow @NBA2KingService to enter! Certainly, we will choose the winners randomly, if you are the people who purchased NBA2KING service since October of 2021 then you would have bigger chances to be picked.

Here you go https://bit.ly/3Fp3tjC

Thanksgiving Promo B:

All people who purchase NBA 2K22 MT during the Thanksgiving promotion period are enjoying 10% Off. NBA2KING MT prices cut 10% already based on original prices

Buy Cheap and Safe NBA 2K22 MT https://bit.ly/3CwdcD0

Promo ending Nov 30, 2021

Happy Thanksgiving Day everyone!