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New Features Coming to NBA 2K20

Jul-09-2019 PST

Earlier this month, 2K appear NBA 2K20, which is advancing to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch on September 6, featuring Anthony Davis and Dwayne Wade on its assorted covers. And, it looks and sounds a lot like NBA 2K, which like added sports games, rarely makes big changes amid installments. That said, there are new appearance and changes to gameplay, some of which 2K has amorphous to reveal. Here are three of said features:


NBA 2K20 is assertive to add WNBA, admitting at the moment, it's cryptic how able-bodied this will be. For example, is it bound to a individual approach or is it in the bold in the aforementioned way as the NBA? The above is added acceptable apocalyptic of the feature.

Improvements to dribbling:

NBA 2K20 promises to appear with improvements to its physics system. This will advance to clarification in assorted areas, including dribbling and brawl handling, which will aswell be bigger with bigger appearance and AI awareness. In short, administration the bedrock will be added astute and added fluid, aka beneath clunky.There's aswell an accent getting put on not just graphical improvement, but action improvement. 2K wants animations to be smoother, added realistic, and added varied.

No Added Pushing:

Pushing will not be abiding for NBA 2K20 - NBA 2K20 MT, which shouldn't acutely adapt the gameplay, but will accomplish abounding happy. As you will know, the game's association is appealing breach on pushing, admitting I'd say added animosity it than wish it in the basketball sim.

Of course, there's a lot added appearance and changes getting fabricated by NBA 2K20, which will apparently be abundant by 2K in the accession to launch. In added words, don't yield this as an all-embracing list, because it isn't. Hopefully one of these changes is the complete abatement of unskippable ads afore games, which 2K has been messing about with in NBA 2K19. The acknowledgment from admirers over this has been actual negative, so I'd be afraid to see NBA 2K20 abide this trend.

NBA 2K20 will be accessible on PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch if it launches on September 6. It's aswell advancing to Stadia if Google's gaming belvedere releases after in the year.