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New NBA 2K20 Evo packages are available in new developments

May-10-2020 PST

NBA 2K20 MyTeam announces the arrival of new NBA 2K20 Evo Super Packs. These special packs contain 100 different Evolution cards available for random recording. In addition, 2K20 has announced that it has added Evolutions to some of the Galaxy Opal cards that are available in the game. Here are more details about the new packages and EVO cards.

NBA 2K20 Evo Super Packs live for a limited time

Evolution cards, known as EVO, are player elements that players can develop to gain better skills and attributes in general. 100 different Evolution cards are available in NBA 2K20 Evo Super Packs. These packages are available for only 48 hours.

In the new NBA 2K20 MyTeam video below, they show some of the new available AFOs. Among them are superstar LeBron James, Christabs Porsinges, Kerry Irving and Derrick Rose. These are all Galaxy Opal EVOs. LeBron is from the 2K20 Out of Position series where he can play a point of center guard.

Only by showing the limited time cards available in the packs are there many great players to choose from. It ranges from three players from EVO Sapphire all the way up to the Galaxy Opal cards we mentioned above.

Some of the other players we've seen on EVOs in limited time include Pink Diamond Nikola Jokic, PD Aaron Gordon, Diamond Rajon Rondo, Ruby Markelle Fultz, and Galaxy Opal Bol Bol of Tacko Fall. Some players call this game the big "W".

Galaxy Opal EVOs: Bol Bol, Carmelo Anthony, Magic Johnson, Kristaps Porzingis, Tacko Fall, LeBron James, Kyrie Irving, Derrick Rose and Ben Simmons.

New package and player card

The new NBA 2K20 EVO Super package starts at 11,250 virtual currencies for a five-element package. At least one of these items is a player that can be an Evolution player from previous versions. There is also a 10-pack can for 101.250VDC and 20 cans for 202.500VDC. Please note that it is only available in MyTeam Market for 48 hours.

The prices of many of these cards are not very strange. For example, we recently saw the sale of the D-Rose GO for 154,600 MT on the PS4. Other entries were just over 100,000 tons. Bol Bol was about 154,000 to 254,000 tons in different roles.

However, the king orders a fair price. EVO LeBron James turned about 1.2 million tons or more in our most recent listings. So, players who want the best of the best need a full bank account.

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