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New patch on the way to NBA 2K18 (version 1.06)

Dec-04-2017 PST

2K Games will soon release the new patch for the NBA 2K18 MT Coins. This new patch brings the game version to 1.06 and will make a number of improvements to the different aspects of the game. The exact start date has not yet been given, but it has been reported that this new patch will be released "soon". Patch comments are released in detail all changes.

- Trivia is re-enabled in the 2K area in the micecare as soon as all keyboards have received this update. If you have not tried it yet, the 2K Trivia Zone offers 25 games for every question you answer!

- Users will no longer experience comments when reading texts from Bryan's MyCAREER.

- Fixed an issue where Brian would no longer send users' texts to record their support for decoding checks in the MyCAREER.

- Suspension treatment can take place in the Gatorade training facility just before the start of the activity.

- Processed a situation where some users saw their modified shoes differently in the game than they would have seen in the editor.

- The camera will no longer focus on the crowd when it resumes playing when it is called before being discarded in Pro-Am and now playing online games.

- Resolved a situation where qualifiers could not continue after completing the tour during the current MyCAREER.

- Teams will now remain intact if you choose to play the game after completing the Ruffle Tournament game.

- The tongue of Michael Jordan must now look a bit more like Mike