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No gaming league in the NBA, biodiversity represents a new kind of athlete

Feb-24-2017 PST

With millions of players ready to watch people play League of Legends or football, the main players in the entertainment industry see the business opportunity for an exciting gaming interesting. Earlier this month, the NBA announced a partnership with two interactive take, the developer of the famous franchise NBA2K, to create a gaming league and one of a kind. This new competition in professional games, known as the "NBA 2K league" is the first-run major sports events organization of the United States when it begins in 2018. This is assuming the NFL, MLB or multilateral, not based on any surprise move before it.

According to the NBA league, each of the 30 teams will eventually own band electronic games, as they are represented in the NBA or less Class-D series. Absolutely, however, only eight of the 12 teams in the NBA along with the rest expected to do so later. We will make the team 2K league five human players, who designs the NBA treated in the same way as the athletes who play the San Antonio Spurs, New York Knicks or the new NBA, WNBA, or D other clubs periodically. There will be contracts and deals at stake, for example. The main difference is that there is room for more diversity, because these players professional can be of any age, gender or race play in the same court - even if it is virtual.

NBA two interactive and to capture and said it will create tailor-made for each player in the 2K league Avatar, so players can see the digital version of himself in every game. Says NBA Commissioner Adam Silver electronic games that allow for the arrival of a new type of league athletes, different from what fans are accustomed to seeing live or on television. "Physical force, or at least, how it is necessary to court in the NBA, it is not necessary," Silver said his All-Star weekend press conference at the end of last week. "It may be a different type of physical strength of the reflexes and the ability to move the thumb very quickly, but these athletes can be any shape or size, of any age, from anywhere."

To get a clearer picture of the NBA 2K league the whole, I sat down in the NBA vice president of global partnerships Matt Holt and SVP 2K basketball operations Jason Silver, two people involved in the project. Based on our conversation, there is still a lot of fine-tuning the details, such as whether you can watch these games on ESPN, twitching, YouTube or anywhere else. But the competition is not scheduled to begin until early next year, we find the distribution strategy quickly enough, as well as the teams NBA PRO is a certain part of the inaugural season.