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Pass Rush in Madden NFL 24: The Key to Defensive Dominance

Nov-01-2023 PST

Madden NFL 24 has brought a host of new challenges and opportunities for gamers, particularly when it comes to pass rush. Many players have been struggling to get consistent pressure on their opponents' quarterbacks, and the frustration has been building. In this article, we'll explore the intricacies of pass rushing in Madden NFL 24 and provide you with insights and strategies to improve your defense and dominate your opponents.

Understanding the Pass Rush Meta

One of the most significant changes in Madden NFL 24 is the four-man rush requirement for effective pass rushing. To clarify, this means you need to send four AI-controlled defenders to the quarterback, excluding your user-controlled linebacker. Rushing three or fewer players will lead to slower disengagements from blocks and less pressure on the quarterback. Let's delve into this key concept.

The Four-Man Rush Rule

The four-man rush rule is simple: to achieve optimal pass rush results, you must send four AI rushers. This rule doesn't count your user-controlled linebacker, making it crucial to understand when designing your defensive strategies.

For instance, sending three rushers from the defensive line and user-controlling a linebacker will not produce the same results as sending four AI-controlled linemen while keeping your user linebacker in coverage. Madden 24's mechanics recognize the four-man rush as the benchmark for shedding blocks efficiently and pressuring the quarterback.

The Lurk Artist Meta

In the quest to maximize your pass rush effectiveness, the Lurk Artist ability has emerged as a game-changer. This ability is available for select linebackers in Madden Ultimate Team and Connected Franchise Mode, and it drastically improves your defense's ability to pressure the quarterback while maintaining pass coverage.

By substituting a Lurk Artist player in your lineup, you can effectively transform a three-man rush into a four-man rush by user-controlling the Lurk Artist linebacker in coverage. This allows your defensive linemen to shed blocks faster and get to the quarterback more effectively, while the user linebacker provides additional coverage.

Utilizing the Lurk Artist ability can revolutionize your pass rush strategies and provide an advantage over your opponents. This innovative approach allows you to maximize your pass coverage and still generate significant pressure on the quarterback.

Optimizing Your Defense

To enhance your defense in Madden NFL 24, consider the following strategies and tips:

   • Embrace the Lurk Artist: If you have access to Lurk Artist players, use them to your advantage. Substituting a Lurk Artist in your lineup and controlling them during pass plays will significantly improve your pass rush.

   • Four-Man Rush: Remember the four-man rush rule. Ensure that you send four AI-controlled defenders to the quarterback to maximize your pass rush. Your user-controlled linebacker does not count toward this total.

   • Resistance Management: Keep in mind that defensive linemen develop resistance to their assigned blockers if used repeatedly. To prevent resistance from building up and maintain an effective pass rush, consider rotating your linemen or using abilities like Blitz X Factor or Unpredictable.

   • Adapt to Meta Changes: Stay updated on any game updates or changes to the pass rush meta. EA Sports frequently tweaks gameplay mechanics, so staying informed can give you an edge.


Mastering the pass rush in Madden NFL 24 is essential for defensive dominance. Understanding the four-man rush rule and incorporating Lurk Artist players can significantly improve your ability to pressure the quarterback. With the right strategies and adaptability, you can stay ahead of the meta and outmaneuver your opponents on the virtual gridiron. So, hit the lab and get ready to unleash a fearsome pass rush in Madden NFL 24.

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