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PS5 "NBA 2K22" My Team Getting Started Guide

Sep-28-2021 PST

"NBA 2K22" is the latest work in the sports series launched by 2K Sports with the theme of the American Professional Basketball League. The game contains multiple modes. In addition to My Career mode, there is also My Team, which focuses on the team. Players will challenge a variety of different competitions, earn the designated currency, and then borrow cards to obtain stronger players, with the goal of striving for more victories. This article will introduce you to the entry-level strategy points of the PS5 version of "NBA 2K22" My Team.

Organize the team by drawing cards

Regardless of whether it is online or offline mode, players must spend the specified currency to draw cards to obtain players, equipment or props. In addition to VC Coins that are common to all modes and can be purchased with real money, the currency can also be used MT Coins obtained in the My Team mode, and so on. After all, it takes luck to draw a card, and it may not be possible to get a star player every time.

Enter Locker Code to get free rewards

Like the previous work, players can obtain the Locker Code online, and after entering it in the game, they can get various benefits, such as VC Coins, player cards, or props. The Locker Code is regularly issued by the game factory on Twitter, and some have a time limit, so you must always pay attention to avoid missing the opportunity to obtain some important free items.

Challenge three to three and win more rewards

This mode is divided into single-player (offline) and multiplayer (online) modes. There are also three-on-three and five-on-five games. After all, the former has fewer players on the field and more space to move. It is easier for a master to win. In addition, in the three-on-three mode, you can get special rewards for every victory. In addition to playing cards, props, and MT Coins, there are also reward tokens used to exchange a series of emerald players. If you can get the final 300 victories, you can even get a diamond-level star player card.

Evolve designated players and get star coaches

After starting the My Team mode, players can choose one of the five starting players as the core character. These five players not only have abilities above 80, but they can also use evolution to increase their abilities. Players only need to put them into the team, use them to perform a series of designated actions (such as shooting or passing the ball, etc.), and after reaching the designated goal, they can evolve them to a stronger version. After the evolution is completely completed, players will get another opportunity to choose one of the remaining four players to join the team.

When the player successfully evolves all five starting players into the final version, the player will be able to obtain the legendary star coach Phil Jackson who led the Bulls and Lakers to multiple championships.

Use free agents to help overcome difficulties

Players in the game will have the opportunity to obtain Free Agent cards. Not only are they familiar basketball stars, but their abilities are all 90 or above. However, these free agents can only play up to five times, and after five times, the cards will disappear. Therefore, I personally suggest that unless you encounter some strong enemies that can't breakthrough in the challenge mode, it is better to stay with these cards.

In addition, general player cards also have playing restrictions, which are called contract periods in the game. After the expiration date, although the cards will not disappear, they cannot be sent to the field. At this time, players must consume items or currency to extend the contract period.

Match players with sneakers to increase their ability

Most players in this mode cannot increase their abilities, but players can still put on sneakers for them to temporarily increase their power. Sneakers must be obtained by drawing cards, and can be equipped with at least one pattern that can increase the player's ability; the higher the level of the sneaker, the more patterns it can be equipped with to increase the player's ability. Note that sneakers also have a time limit for equipment, and they will automatically disappear after about five to six games. Therefore, you must carefully consider who should wear them.

Use the auction house to buy and sell players

If you don't want to draw cards randomly, players can go to the auction house in the game and consume designated NBA 2K22 MT Coins to buy player cards released by other players. As far as I can see, Ruby players with an average ability value of 85 or more can be purchased for a price of about 5,000 to 10,000, and certain players can be obtained at a lower price. Of course, as the market becomes saturated and the number of cards put on sale by players increases, the auction price will drop accordingly. If you want to get the players you have in mind, visiting the auction house during leisure time is a must-do homework every day.

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