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Something You Need To Know In NBA 2K22

Oct-05-2021 PST

Curious about the events in NBA 2K22? This is what you can expect. Like any supported version, NBA 2K22 has a selection of events that players can participate in for fun, bragging rights, and special rewards. Some ask players to play matches, some ask them to win points and some just want to encourage some fun. However, they will all reward participants with rewards and items as long as they meet the requirements.

NBA 2K22 events are opportunities for players to earn special rewards and enjoy limited time with their experience lovers and possibly their VC. Participation and good gameplay in NBA 2K events usually give players new music, cosmetics and more. There are different types of events and each has its own criteria and rules for participation. While most are open to any player, some require a certain progress limit, such as the number of MyPoints.

Below we have explained some examples:

The Ruffles Ridge Championship of Champions has been a running event for several iterations of NBA 2K. However, this match is unique in that it has a real part sponsored by Ruffles chips. Private Labeled Ruffles Bags contain "Bag Tokens" that can be exchanged for in-game locker codes.

Ultimately, the tournament functions as a regular tournament where players must register and compete for their chance to win. A valid 2K account is required. Winners of this event can win real prizes such as headphones, TVs, custom consoles and more. Prices and match times change per tournament.

Club 2K events give players the chance to earn new music and new equipment in-game while benefiting from a 2x reputation boost. The club itself is a real city location for players to visit.

Mobil 1 Grand Prix has been described as "a race to the finish!" Although this is a "racing game", the player's progress on the track is determined via MyPoints. The more points one collects, the higher one goes on the path. The first three players to reach the "finish line" will win.

Court Conqueror comes in different flavors like 2v2, 3v3, etc. The main criterion for this event is the number of players allowed in each team. The game will match each account's MyPlayers in a match against players controlling the game's AI from other NBA teams in the real world.

Other smaller events such as "Set Sail" have simpler requirements, such as playing in a specific stadium to take advantage of experience boosts or other resources.

More information can be found on the NBA2king website.