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​The badge system needs a total upgrade

Aug-24-2021 PST

For a certain something, I'm fairly glad to realize that 2K will make guard seriously remunerating this year, however um, how about we hold our assumptions under control.

The badge system in this game is simply broken as I would see it. Regardless your construct is, your badges will be the central consideration on whether your 7'0 Paint Beast blows a 12% challenged layup...

...Or on the other hand your 6'5 Playshot Creator windmills contact dunks on a 7' Glass Cleaner even with Gold/HOF Rim Protector, Intimidator, and so forth

That is only one of the numerous situations where I discover badges are the brace of this game. Try not to get me going on how you can make each half court shot on the last shot of the game.

I think, that like your firearm connections on COD or that epic protection you put on in whatever computer game, badges ought to have their positives, alongside regrettable traits.

Consistently, there's consistently the ideal form that gets you the most badges, which fundamentally offers you the most obvious opportunity at winning, which essentially keeps anybody from making a marginally innovative form.

By putting downsides on badges, you can really make fabricate makers contemplate how these badges could hurt them a bit more in a particular region, rather than them simply pounding and putting badges on themselves like an Army General.

In any case, badges ought to just be a tiny lift to your current credits. As of now, ascribes are essentially a vital aspect for opening badges, rather than really helping you in game, aside from possibly Speed, Perimeter Defense, and a couple of others.

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