The Best Kobe Bryant Build in NBA 2K23

Feb-05-2023 PST

Despite the fact that Kobe Bryant is no longer with us, he will forever be remembered as one of the most legendary players in NBA history. We will never forget his incredible dunks, passion for the game, and beautiful outlook on life, nor will we forget his last-second game shots. His build on your squad will bring you a lot of happiness and perhaps even rings. In NBA 2K23, we discuss the build of Kobe Bryant's "Mamba," including finishing Badges that are one of the most powerful builds in the game, and the prospect of using it will surely thrill you.

Kobe Bryant Build: Physical Settings

Considering Kobe's actual height of 6'6" and his actual wingspan of 6'11", I recommend using those figures for the body parameters. No gain can be expected from changing either parameter. On the other hand, the issue of weight is another story. In his playing days, Bryant never got any heavier than 212 pounds. Your character's post-control potential will suffer as a result of their small weight. That means we'll have to bump it up a little.

Kobe Bryant Build: Attributes

Because of his overall excellence, 18-time All-Star Kobe Bryant might be difficult to design perfectly in NBA 2K23. Nonetheless, you may tweak the build in a manner that makes it possible to replicate Kobe's playing style.

Kobe Bryant Build: Finishing

A monster in the paint, Kobe was unstoppable. He could still twist his body for acrobatic layups and finish powerfully over much taller and heavier opponents, even in his old age. The drawback of this design is that we cannot have it both ways. Then we'll concentrate on helping him score as many points as possible with his driving slam, as well as improving his chances of making close shots and driving layups by a few scores. You can float the ball and make a layup effectively with those metrics.

Kobe Bryant Build: Shooting

Bryant has taken some criticism for his low-scoring efficiency. They could have a point, given his lifetime shooting percentages of 44.7 from the field and 32.9 from three-point range. But what made his career in the NBA so famous was his knack for making clutch shots. Consequently, we need to strike a middle ground by increasing his mid-range shooting qualities to 82 and his three-point shot attributes to 74. Don't assume your guy will replicate Steph Curry's 3-point shooting prowess.

Although Kobe has a career free throw percentage of 83.7%, we still need to keep it at 61. Ideally, it should be raised to the 70s or 80s. However, increasing the attribute's size will need resources that may be used elsewhere. If your rating is poor, you may improve it by practicing your free throw shot at the team's facility.

Kobe Bryant Build: Playmaking

Our primary focus will be on developing your skills in ball control and speed with the ball, both of which are crucial for creating plays. If you raise them, you may learn some of the dribbling maneuvers for which Bryant was famous. The most incredible badges for your Kobe build may be obtained by leveling up these traits.

Extra points might have been spent to improve throw precision. However, bringing it up to a reasonable 61 will do the trick. Mastering the art of calling for a screen may result in easy baskets for your big guys, helping you rack up more assists. In NBA 2K23 MyCAREER, it will also help boost your teammates' overall performance rating.

Kobe Bryant Build: Defense

Due to Kobe Bryant's status as a top-tier two-way player, one could assume that he will get a larger share of the available points for his defensive and rebounding prowess. However, a similar problem plagues us because there are insufficient points to go around. Therefore, you'll emphasize the qualities of perimeter defense and stealing in this area. To increase your character's potential badge points for defense and rebounding, I suggest giving them a large number of points in interior defense.

Just because his block, offensive rebound, and defensive rebound averages are low doesn't mean he wasn't good. It's ideal for creating the ultimate Kobe Bryant in NBA 2K23's current generation.

Kobe Bryant Build: Badges

The highest number of points you may get for completing this build to perfection is 69. I really wished I had more since several of the badges are tailor-made for a guy like Kobe Bryant. Since it isn't feasible for this version, I'll instead describe the most fabulous badges you can get under the current constraints.

Final Thoughts

In sum, Kobe Bryant is a legend in the NBA, and his extraordinary talent and willpower will never be forgotten. An excellent approach to celebrating Kobe Bryant's history and having some gaming fun in NBA 2K23 is to create a custom build based on his appearance. Create the optimal Kobe Bryant build to dominate the court by combining the correct stats and badges. That being said, why delay? Participate actively in the game and prove that you are Kobe Bryant.

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