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The best shooting marks NBA 2K22

Oct-18-2021 PST

The NBA 2K series is back with another title. NBA 2K22 is a new beginning for all MyPlayer, MyTeam and MyPark with new IDs and new environments. As the number of tokens increases, players have more options to consider when choosing a significant layout of players. While you can survive without signs against artificial intelligence, you need to do your research if you want to accept other players.

Shooters mostly rely on playmates to handle the ball and look for opportunities where they can figure out their shots. While there are times when you need to drive the ball as a shooter, your ability to score points is ultimately the deciding factor. Here are the best NBA 2K22 shooting marks.


All shooters need a clear angle to take a shot, but there can always be one defender you can’t just get rid of. If time runs out, you have no choice but to take a shot and hope the defender doesn’t ruin it for you. Blinders allow shooters to impose a lower penalty when they take shots, when a defender gets close to their sight and obstructs their vision. This badge allows you to increase your shooting percentage against defensive lineups because you rely on finding less open spaces.

Corner Specialist

Each team needs one player who can score a goal from both sides. These angle shooters may be essential to a team’s offensive strategy because they bring variety to the table. Shots from an angle are usually very tricky because you can’t rely on the back of the frame in most cases. One of the best decisions you can make is to step up a double-sided scorer with a special corner mark. This sign improves long shots from the starting position of the field.


Even if you have the perfect long-range shot, a last-minute defender running towards you can always ruin your plan. Competition always ruins the quality of your shot, and the shooter needs a natural line of defense against it. Deadeye’s badge rejects the defender’s effectiveness when he gets too close to the shooter. Even if you are controversial, you will get a lower score, which will increase your pay-to-score ratio in the process.

Hot Zone Hunter

As players grow in their abilities in NBA 2K22, they have hot spots on the field. Players perform much better when entering their hot zones. These scores depend on what type of players they are, and increasing their effectiveness in hot spots is smart because you increase a player’s strength. The Hot Zone Hunter badge increases player efficiency in hot areas. If you are using the Hot Zone to its full potential, you may want the Hot Zone Hunter badge because you will get more out of your efforts in these areas.

Limitless Spot-Up

Throwers may not have much time to throw the ball. When the bowler receives the ball, there may not be enough time on the watch, which means you need to hit the ball as quickly as possible. Trying to shoot right after receiving the ball can be tricky because you don’t have much time to put together the perfect shots. To get the most out of situations like this, you need to have unlimited positioning on your side. Unlimited Spot-Up improves a player’s ability to take shots immediately after taking the ball, which means the chance of losing a shot after a wide open pass is reduced.


Even if you’re open, you can still ruin a shot when you make a mistake in your timing. The Sniper sign ensures that you have a little more room for error. Once you’ve equipped the Sniper badge, shots rated a little early or a little late will get a better chance of action. As a compromise, early and late shots only get worse, making this sign an occasional double-edged sword.

green machine

Success brings success, and if you already consider yourself a decent shooter in NBA 2K22, you might want to consider a Green Machine experiment to stay on top of your level. Green Machine improves your success rate by making it easier to score after each successful shot.

When you start recording green shots, the green plane will start to rise and make it easier to land. You can easily continue to get hot tubes after taking a few pictures because the sign will help you do the rest. Moving to the green machine series can help you make heavy raises on the scoreboard, and you can reach your opponent if you lose, or strengthen your power position if you’re a few points ahead.

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