The Best Way to Get NBA 2K23 MT Easy and Quickly

Dec-14-2022 PST

In NBA 2K23 MyTEAM, you'll use MT Points and Tokens to help build your team. You'll likely spend a lot of 2K23 MT Points in the process, so knowing how to get them quickly and easily is crucial. MT Points, short for MT, are usually used to buy players and gift packs. Tokens can be used to buy players and items from the token market.

1. Log in and play MyTEAM

MT is easy to craft in the game. Every day you log into MyTeam mode you get a free reward. And every time you play a game, you will get MT rewards, which is the most primitive accumulation method.

2. Auction House

The Auction House is the best place to earn MyTeam Points in NBA 2K23. Once unlocked, you can quickly sell unwanted players or copied cards for MT. You can also buy great player cards at a budget price that you can sell for a profit in the future, earning the difference.

3. Challenge

The official Challenges tab in the game has a series of tasks that you can complete to earn MT Coins. NBA 2K23 regularly has extensive Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Lifetime Challenges that can be completed in MyTeam mode to earn MT Coins. Typically quantities vary from 300-5,000 metric tons.

4. Agendas and Upgrades 40

NBA 2K23 often has a new agenda. Completing these agendas will give you generous rewards. The amount is usually between 100-2,500. In addition, you can also get MT rewards for completing level missions on the way to level 40.

5. MyTEAM Pack

You can buy VC to buy gift packs, sell them quickly from the gift packs or sell your items in the auction house to earn MT.

6. Play various MyTEAM game modes

In-game modes like Offline Clutch, Online Clutch, Offline Triple Threat, Online Triple Threat, Unlimited, Limited, Domination, Triple Threat Co-Op, and Draft can offer MT as a reward.

7. Locker Code

You can redeem locker codes for players, teams, or MTs in NBA 2K23 MyTeam. Sometimes NBA 2K23 locker codes also give MTs or tokens. These codes tend to expire after a week, so keep an eye out for official 2K Twitter news. Plus you can earn tokens by locking specific collections.

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In Conclusion

MT Points and Tokens are crucial to building the best lineup. They are the in-game currency for achievements in your MyTEAM mode. I recommend using all of these methods to build your best team and keep up with the content throughout the rest of the game cycle.