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The legend never ends! 2K21 third cover character official announcement: Kobe Bryant

Jul-06-2020 PST

2K has revealed the full lineup of NBA 2K21 cover players. The third cover character is the late Lakers name Kobe Bryant. The cover of this generation's version of NBA 2K21 is the five-time All-Star, the outstanding leader of the Portland Trail Blazers Damian Lillard; the New Orleans Pelicans striker, the 2019 No. 1 pick, widely regarded as the best national college student in 2019 Player Zion Williamson will be the cover player for the PS5 and Xbox Series X versions. And finally, to commemorate the lifetime of NBA legend Kobe Bryant in the basketball field, the Mamba Eternal Edition was launched.

NBA 2K21 will be released on the current generation platform on September 4, 2020; it will also land on the PS5 and Xbox Series X platforms in subsequent holidays. "NBA 2K21 is a huge leap forward for this series of products," said Greg Thomas, president of Visual Concepts. "We will combine all our past experience and expertise to create the best games, and for PS5 and Xbox Series As far as X is concerned, we are making full use of next-generation technology to build a new game." This year, NBA 2K21 will provide two versions of the digital version and the physical version-the standard version and the Mamba eternal version. Among them, no matter which generation of Mamba Eternal Edition is purchased, you can get another generation of the same series of standard platform games for free.

The NBA 2K21 Mamba timeless version will replace the legendary version to commemorate Kobe Bryant’s lifelong pursuit of victory and the precious wealth he left behind. For many fans, Kobe’s achievements and love for the game have undoubtedly had a huge impact on the world. He has received countless honors: 5 NBA championships, 18 All-Star selections, and 2 NBA Finals Most Valuable Player, 2008 NBA Regular Season Most Valuable Player, 11 NBA First Team, 9 NBA First Defensive Team, 2 NBA Scoring Leaders, 2008 and 2012 Olympic Games Gold Medalists, Los Angeles Lakers The leader in team history and so on. Kobe has also been a cover player for NBA 2K10, a legendary cover player for NBA 2K17, and will survive in the timeless version of NBA 2K21 Mamba. Whether it is the current generation or the next generation, he will commemorate his entire career through his special customized cover: from wearing a No. 8 jersey to score 81 points, to his last NBA game, wearing a No. 24 shirt Get 60 points.

"Every of our cover athletes represents a different era of basketball-Damian Lillard dominates the current arena, and Cairn Williamson is the standard template for the next generation of NBA superstars. As for Kobe, it needs Redundant?" said NBA 2K vice president of global marketing Alfi Brody. "The three players represent the present, the future and the legendary history of the sport. Today's exciting official announcement is only one of the many news about NBA 2K21. For basketball fans and NBA 2K players, this year will be a rich year."

In the follow-up, NBA2King will announce more information about NBA 2K21, including the original soundtrack, game screens, main features of the two generations of NBA 2K21 games, 2K Day events and more.