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The NBA Live 18 career mode allows you to choose big tournaments or streets

Jun-17-2017 PST

IE dominates largely every species trying their hand, where basketball is a blatant exception. NBA Live series is not only anywhere near the popular games such as NBA 2K, but it seems that I have to enhance the game in a big way to some extent this year.

NBA Live 18 is a new story called One that gives gamers enormously control over their commercial creation. You can even choose whether you want to continue your career with the NBA or prefer to dominate the Streetbal. Personally, I take the road that costs millions of dollars, but it's just mine.

Thus, the new IE describes one mode:

The path is determined by the choices you make the freedom to play how you want, with whom you want where you earn relative to the streets as important as the rings to earn in the league.


Customize the way it looks from hairstyles to tattoo kicks, and express yourself.

Abilities and Skills Signature

You can only control the ability to pull off and track down the game.


Choose from dozens of changing features in the game to help develop your strategy against the components.

play styles

Create how you want to look and how you want to play with NBA Live Coins, deep tailoring. Skills style, everything from you.