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The new NBA 2K21 puts your shot to the test

Sep-26-2020 PST

The pandemic has caused a brutal imbalance in the NBA and, how could it be otherwise, that was also going to have a notable effect on the new NBA 2K21. The new season will not start until December or January, hence Visual Concepts, the producer of the famous simulation video game, has had to adapt to the situation and tries to compensate with improvements in the gameplay that make the new one worthwhile. edition of this historic saga. There is no denying it: NBA 2K21 is continuous with respect to its predecessor but introduces significant and to some extent surprising novelties given the delay that the NBA in such a convulsive scenario.

The main change introduced, and the one that has caused all kinds of reactions for and against, refers to the mechanics of the shot. Until now, when launching, we only had to worry about the timing of releasing the button (or right stick) at the moment when the player is going to hit the wrist. In the new version it is about controlling a different graphic shootmeter in which we have not only that timing, but even its direction with the ProStick. It's a change that makes the game feel different from its predecessor, with which it has a lot of similarities as we've pointed out.

It is a demanding shooting system that adds a variable to broaden the quality range of the player, although the criticism received at the beginning of this month of September forced to recover the traditional mechanics in a brilliant performance for all platforms. Thus, it is now possible to use ProStick aiming when the fire indicator setting is off. Despite all the problems and criticisms this new form of shooting has caused, the overall gameplay of NBA 2K remains spectacular.

Of the different game modes available, My Career has established itself as the main one in the saga, as reflected in the surveys carried out in the transitions of the same game, hence the initial story in this way defines quite what the game can be. This year follows the story of Junior, a young player marked by the influence of his late father, a beloved basketball player. As Junior, players will go through high school, college, and eventually the NBA.

Like every year, 2K21 tries to offer a dramatic story with significant moments, this time introducing interesting stages in high school and university basketball, where the player will try to make merits to reach the top of the draft. Once in it, the game distances itself from reality as the young talents aiming for the top positions this year (LaMelo Ball or Anthony Edwards) are absent as the delay in the NBA season means we still don't know for which teams these players will suit.

El Barrio, within My Career, maintains the elements that have made it one of the favorite areas of the players but with a radical aesthetic change. The activities are the same but the environment changes and diversifies in another attempt to improve more artistic aspects. Add a new beach-themed neighborhood for players to walk around and face off against others online using their created players.

VC, NBA 2K's premium virtual currency, is also making a comeback and is ubiquitous for upgrading your player, buying new animations, buying clothes, and can be used in different game modes. In My Team, players can collect cards and build a pool of the biggest names in NBA history. They can then take them to different challenges or play against friends online with cool new features like the introduction of Seasons.

My League and My GM have barely changed, with the equivalency of a small patch in the 2K20 to 2K21 changes, and this comes as no surprise, as the modes have been treated as a late introduction to the franchise for years. While we await the heavily remodeled My Career that is promised on the next generation of consoles, this edition will feature entertaining, new and interesting aspects. A smooth transition before finally competing in the long-awaited version for PS5 and Xbox Series.