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The Safest Way To Buy NBA 2K MT

May-09-2023 PST

As all Myteam players know that we are always posting buynow in Auction for trading MT. With Myteam heating up these years, 2K is policying random ban for MT traders. As a result, a lot of people are asking us how to avoid ban for buying MT service? How much MT I should buy per order then can be safe? Is there any safe way if I want to buy 1Million even more MT? All and All, let me answer these questions one by one.

How to reduce the odds of being banned for buying MT?

If you are going to buy NBA 2K23 MT from Nba2king, we recommend you to post buynow with Opals or better player cards. Unit order amount you can purchase 500K or less. Then post every Opals or better cards buynow for 100,000 each one.

The safest way to buy over one Million MT

Nba2king is lauching a new way to trade MT, Auction Bid! Then how does Auction Bid work? If you are purchasing 1M or more MT, we highly recommend you to post card with Auction Bid method. For Auction bid method, your unit bidding MT amount can be 1M-2M, for example, if you are buying 4M MT, you just need to post TWO players for MT bidding. But, you must post Dark Matters with OVR 99, start bid must be close to 100,000 (eg. starting bid 99,500), NO BUYNOW, set duration for 4 hours.

This is the best way to buy big amount MT, that can be more convenient for you to post less cards for buying bigger amount MT.

Certainly, Nba2king is unable to guarantee any transaction safe 100%, what we are trying the best is to reduce the potential risk. And another thing we would like to let you know: Don't be feeling scared or nervous to buy NBA 2K MT, you can even buy huge amount MT like 20-30M within a short time period.

How come? we all know that 2K's current policy is that they ban people for 30 days at first time, second time permanent ban! Even though you got ban, you could still get all Goat players you want in 30 days, because your MT is always on your account after your account is unbanned in 30 days by then. In the end, you can build your dream Myteam lineup through this way.

Nba2king is selling CHEAPEST MT right now, Fast delivery & 24/7 service is open always.

Let's go!