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Top 5 Best NBA 2K23 Playmaking Badges

Nov-12-2022 PST

Have Playmaking but are not sure what the Playmaking badge is used in NBA 2K23? Check out this guide for the top 5 Playmaking badges in NBA 2K23.

Playmaking badges are equipable items in NBA 2K23 that help your MyPlayer improve your drive, pass, and dribble. If you want to beat defenses and set up games for your teammates to score easily, you're going to have to choose which badges to use wisely. Here are the 5 best badges for organizing games in NBA 2K23.


Despite the fact that the organization isn't limited to the point guard position, these players are always seen as teammates who direct the offense and find the open. While some point guards may want to score first, most of these players are actively trying to get other teammates involved and get assists.

The Dimer badge is essential for any playmaker whose primary focus is finding opportunities for teammates. Having this badge will increase your teammates' catch-and-shoot jumpers. Being a playmaker is all about getting your teammates ready on offense, and using Dimer to improve their jump shot makes it the best playmaker badge in the game.

Floor General

For the most part, the top playmaker on any NBA team is also the best player. Whether it's finding his own shot or creating for his teammates, these guys' offense runs through it all. The Floor General badge will reinforce the idea that teams perform better when they have top players on the field.

Equipping the Floor General will give all of your teammates an offensive boost while your players are in the game. This badge can instantly turn the tide of the game as it affects every offensive attribute of your teammates. While the badge won't affect your stats, it will make your life easier knowing that your teammates can shoot when you pass the ball.

Needle Threader

Threading the needle is a popular phrase in many sports about completing a difficult pass. In the NBA, point guards in particular are required to pass these precise passes to teammates, no matter how difficult it is. This is why having a threader is essential for organizers.

Having the Needle Threader badge will increase the likelihood that difficult passes will pass through defenses without being tipped or intercepted. Even if you see a teammate open up space for a corner 3, attempting a cross-court pass is likely to end in a turnover. Equipping this badge can be the difference between a pass like this being recovered by a defense or finding its way to an open offensive player.

Mismatch Expert

Offensive players with high basketball IQs are always looking for dislocations to exploit. They sometimes create dislocations by calling for screens and switching to smaller defenders. Usually, offensive players take advantage of this situation, but having the Mismatch Expert badge guarantees it.

Equipping the Mismatch Expert badge will improve your ability to beat tall defenders off the dribble in one-on-one situations. Most of the time, calling for a screen will cause the center or power forward to switch to the smaller guard, so having a Mismatch Expert will allow you to penalize the larger guard when switching.

Ankle Breaker

Breaking a defender's ankle and scoring on them can be one of the best feelings in sports. Not only did you show off your superior offensive skills, but you also embarrassed the losing defender in the process. Players like Stephen Curry lean on the 3-point line to tease defenders to create space for his jumper.

The Ankle Breaker improves your ability to freeze defenders while dribbling, allowing you to make uncontested shots. Dribbling requires energy, and the more dribbles, the less energy it takes to get up and shoot. This badge can help reduce your dribble by increasing your efficiency, giving you enough energy to shoot.

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