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Top Post Fade Players in NBA 2K23

Feb-14-2023 PST

Shot animations and trick shots aren't just for show in NBA 2K23. They also have a lot of benefits in terms of scoring, so you should spend your time figuring out the best animations for different shot types. In NBA 2K23, it's the perfect post-fade build for your backcourt scorer! Players who are proficient in Post Fade should possess a strong balance of offensive and defensive skills.

To save you time, we've included all the best Post Fade shot animations for NBA 2K23 and the best active NBA players post Fade in three different height categories. We know height doesn't have much effect on Post Fade shots in NBA 2K23, but there will still be some differences due to Post Fade Rating.

Below we've listed the top players in Post Fade in three different height categories for NBA 2K23.

Best Post Fade Player Under 6'5"

Devin Booker and James Harden are both named Best Post Fade Players. Booker, who plays for the Phoenix Suns, has an extremely strong post-fade shot for his size category. Devin's ability to play shooting guard or point guard further enhances his post-fade scoring. If you are a veteran player of NBA 2K, then you will think of James Harden, the strongest Post Fade player with 13 years of experience.

Best Post Fade Player Between 6'5" and 7'0"

Nikola Jokic, from Serbia, plays center for the Denver Nuggets. Not only did he beat everyone in the Best Post Fade category, but he also had good achievements in other categories as well. Jokic performed well in the 2020-2022 season, helping Jokic win the MVP for two consecutive years and becoming the 13th player in league history.

Also, LeBron James is the best Post Fade player at this height. No matter which category we're talking about, he tops the list. "James" is the best small forward in NBA 2K23 and one of the greatest players of all time in the NBA. Has an NBA championship, multiple MVP awards, and two Olympic gold medals, among many other accolades. Become the player with the most points in history in February 2023, which is strong proof.

Best Post Fade Player Over 7 Feet

If we're talking about players over 7 feet, Joel Embiid, known for his post fade, ranks 6th among all NBA players. Has a Post Fades attribute rating of 94 in NBA 2K23. In 2022, Embiid averaged a career-high 30.6 points and finished second in MVP voting. Embiid may be one of the league's most feared combination of inside and outside scoring players.

But how to perfectly master Post Fade skills?

To master the pushback, the first thing you need to do is understand which way the defender's balance is tipping. Once you identify that direction, try to stay away from that direction. Controls are also crucial to mastering anything. Your step-back kick begins when you bounce the basketball in front of a defender.

This bounce can be done by holding LT on the Xbox. Once you know which side the defender is leaning on, use the X to Post Fade. Then use the left stick for Post Fade direction.

To Post Fade on PlayStation, you hold L2 to bounce, then Post Fade by pressing Square on the console. You can then use the left stick to control the direction behind the fader.

You must time the release of the LT/L2 and the tilt of the joystick simultaneously. Otherwise, you'll be doing a jump shot instead of a Post Fade. A pro tip here is to wait for the defender to make a move. Once he makes a move, such as jumping or leaning to one side, you can easily counter him. Then perform the perfect Post Fade.

No matter what height category your body type falls into in NBA 2K23, with a little practice, you can pull off the perfect Post Fade Shots.  At the same time, the perfect Post Fade and the best player cannot do without the help of NBA 2K23 MT points. NBA2king sells NBA 2K23 MT, Use the coupon code: "NBA2KING" to get 3% off.