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Unlocking Greatness: Completing the TOTY Icon Sawa SBC in FC 24

Jan-24-2024 PST

The footballing world is abuzz with the arrival of Team of the Year (TOTY) in EA Sports FC 24, and EA is pulling out all the stops to celebrate. Among the avalanche of TOTY cards and objectives, one release shines particularly bright: the TOTY Icon Homare Sawa SBC. This article will delve into everything you need to know about acquiring this legendary midfielder, including the cheapest solutions for completing her challenging SBC.

Sawa's Legacy: A Midfield Maestro Immortalized

Homare Sawa, the Japanese Icon, needs no introduction. A World Cup winner, Olympic medalist, and Asia's Player of the Century, she etched her name in football history with her incredible skill and leadership. EA Sports FC 24 honors her legacy with a phenomenal TOTY Icon card, boasting:

· 93 Overall Rating: A midfield powerhouse, ready to dominate the pitch.

· Astounding Stats: 93 Passing, 93 Dribbling, 88 Shooting, 86 Pace, 85 Defending, and 80 Physical - a complete package.

· Press Proven+ and Relentless+ PlayStyles: Be a force of nature on both sides of the ball.

· Commemorating her 2011 World Cup Triumph: A fitting tribute to a true legend.

Conquering the Mountain: Unpacking the TOTY Icon Sawa SBC

While Sawa's talent is undeniable, acquiring her TOTY Icon card is no walk in the park. This SBC is a behemoth, demanding considerable resources. But fear not, football fans! We've mapped out the most cost-effective path to claiming your midfield maestro:

Step-by-Step Solutions:

1. Born Legend & Rising Star: Warm up with these simple squads, utilizing Bronze and Silver players for minimal cost.

2. On a Loan: Get a taste of Sawa's magic with a 5-match loan, requiring an 83-rated squad.

3. The Climb Begins: Now it gets serious. From Top-notch onwards, each squad requires at least one Team of the Week player and gradually increasing overall ratings.

4. 86-Rated to 89-Rated: These squads offer a mix of Prime Mixed Players Packs and Prime Electrum Players Packs, potentially rewarding you with valuable pulls.

5. Peak Performance: The final push requires two 88-rated squads and an 89-rated squad. Premium Gold Players Packs await, potentially providing the coins to complete the SBC.

Calculating the Cost:

Hold onto your jerseys, because this masterpiece of a card comes with a hefty price tag. Completing the TOTY Icon Sawa SBC will set you back around 1.21 Million FC 24 Coins. It's an investment, but considering Sawa's unparalleled abilities and legendary status, it might be worth every penny (or coin) you have.

Beyond the Price Tag:

Remember, the beauty of Ultimate Team lies in the journey. This SBC is a challenge, a test of your squad-building skills and resource management. Enjoy the process of acquiring Sawa, strategize the squads, and relish the anticipation. Once you finally unlock her, the feeling of adding a footballing icon to your team will be truly priceless.


The TOTY Icon Homare Sawa SBC is a monumental task, but the rewards are equally monumental. With her unparalleled skill and legendary status, Sawa will elevate your Ultimate Team to new heights. So, lace up your virtual boots, strategize your squads, and prepare to conquer this challenge. Remember, the journey is just as important as the destination. And when you finally claim your TOTY Icon Homare Sawa, enjoy the sweet victory of owning a piece of footballing history.