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What are the new changes in NBA 2K21?

Sep-07-2020 PST

The well-known basketball game "NBA 2K21" developed by 2K officially landed on PS4, Xbox, Switch and PC platforms on September 4. Everyone must be very concerned about what new elements "NBA 2K21" will add compared to the previous game. Let's take a look.

In "NBA 2K21", new changes have been made to the gameplay modes of MyTEAM, MyCAREER, neighborhood blocks, etc. First of all, the MyCAREER mode (MC mode), which everyone likes very much, will re-provide content from the college (high school) period. Players will go through the players' high school and college careers, and finally enter the NBA. The development team said: "NBA 2K21" has been authorized by ten American universities; in addition, the game also provides a storyline "Long Shadow" for everyone, and the player's father is also a respected basketball player.

At the same time, the MC mode in "NBA 2K21" is still star-studded, including Jesse Williams in "Grey the Intern", Michael K. Williams in "Seaside Empire", Djimon Hounsou in "Blood Diamond", and "Murder." Mireille Enos in, as well as cover stars Damian Lillard and Zion Williamson, etc., will have various sparks with players in the story!

Second, the MyTEAM mode has been modified and optimized in every detail in order to allow players to be more engaged. A completely free new season mode has been added to the gameplay. In this mode, the system will limit the player's lineup every week. Players must adjust the lineup within the limit and fight against other players. Not only can you earn XP through competitions , If you win the championship, you can also get a "championship ring". At the end of the season, the player with the most championship rings will get rich NBA 2K21 Coins rewards!

In addition, the player cards in "NBA 2K21" can be traded. If players have extra cards, they can exchange them back or exchange for other cards to strengthen the lineup. In addition, players don’t have to worry about generational transfer. All the MyTEAM data of this generation can be transferred On the next-generation console (PS5, XSX).

Then, the "neighborhood" mode launched from "NBA 2K18" will usher in a new stage in "NBA 2K21". The development team said that they got a lot of inspiration from the beaches of Southern California and added relevant elements to the game, so they developed the stage "2K Beach" this time, hoping that players can enjoy the time playing at 2K Beach.

Finally, "NBA 2K21" added the "Pro stick" system for the first time. The development team pointed out: "Pro stick" allows players to have more skills in dribbling and shooting, not only faster feedback, but also more consistent actions. Through "Pro stick", the character has aiming function whether it is shooting or layup. We know: "NBA 2K20" introduced the player's exclusive dribbling action for the first time, and "NBA 2K21" added an exclusive defensive action. The game engine has also been optimized, with greater improvements in player speed, allowing fast players to take advantage.

In recent years, the reputation of "NBA 2K" products is actually not good, but because it is "outstanding" in basketball games, players are making complaints while buying. Hope this time there will be fewer problems!