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What is the future of NBA 2K league?

Apr-10-2018 PST

From now, NBA 2K league development prospect one be bright, and there have been 13 NBA team boss in the e-sports industry, by contrast, only six MLB, NFL only three, very bullish on the NBA owners of e-sports industry, they also willing to commit to the development of e-sports industry, this is good news for the league.

North America is the biggest market for e-sports, with revenue expected to be $257 million in 2017, and the figure is expected to double to $670 million by 2020, and the NBA has targeted the big cake. The NBA is highly focused on the 2017-18 NBA 2K league, and if the league is successful, the NBA is expected to spend more than $1 billion before 2020, and the NBA is expected to test water in the industry. If all goes well, there will be 30 teams in the future NBA 2K league.

"We have to do that," the NBA 2K, general manager of league donoghue said: "the 2016 championships attracted 100000 teams, 500000 players participated, the competition in the all-star game in New Orleans to orgasm, we live to the final, attracted 2 million viewers. So we are not blindly optimistic, we have seen the huge future of this industry."

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