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What should NBA 2K22 change from 2K21?

Apr-21-2021 PST

NBA 2K22 needs a fresh start, and next-generation games can provide opportunities. By the end of the NBA season 2021, 2K21 will usually appear. The trailer may soon reveal the next installment of the popular series. Is 2K going to use the same old and successful format or will it use next-generation technology for a better experience?

Recently, NBA 2K has been criticized every year for poor improvements. This makes 2K backward for many years and is not worth the upgrade for some players. In recent years, microtransactions have also become a new problem. In franchising, focusing on a win-win mechanism has never been as common as it is now. With suffocating micro-events, NBA 2K21 can feel like a free-to-play game. So what can 2K22 do for a franchise service?

Following its release, 2K21 was released on the Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5 and has been improved over the current version. After more than a year of testing the new generation of technology, the 2K22 should be the most comprehensive and complete product line to date. 2K series games were at the forefront of graphics improvements, but sometimes the games look better than they really feel. For many years, clumsy and inconsistent animation was the main content of NBA 2K. Real-time input of long and smooth animation can be challenging, and next-generation animation can really improve the feel of the game and maintain the immersion lost in previous games.

In the latest NBA 2K games, multiplayer games didn’t get much attention and micro-events exacerbated the situation. Players can choose a story layer mode to improve their character, or they can choose to pay for the immediate defeat of opponents. Getting rid of microtransactions would be a welcome addition to 2K22, although this is unlikely due to how much money 2K Games can get from it. Multiplayer games can also be improved by reducing embedding in the game. The idea of loading and queuing the actual garden to play the game is nice but impractical. For those who just want to play games fast with friends, the hurdles are long. Delays and delays are also a major obstacle that needs to be improved. Some kind of interest in the multiplayer system can satisfy the fan base playing with friends.

2K Games has produced good NBA 2K games in the past, but critics always quickly notice the invisibility they have noticed when making new games. Maybe this was the year the series changed the equation before it was too late. 2K developers have had enough time to try out the next generation of features. Hopefully, they can take advantage of completely new technology and take new steps in NBA 2K22.

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