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What significant changes are included in the latest update?

Mar-21-2018 PST

"NBA 2K18" now has a new roster update, and the update features a number of all-star upgrades, some of which have recently been approved by the fire.

First, the two stars scored just 90 points in the game.

According to recent reports from Operation Sports, the Portland trail blazers Damian Lillard and the Minnesota timberwolves' karl-anthony Towns are two franchise players with a total score of 90.

It is not surprising that Lillard and Towns have ratings bumps.

The blazers have been on fire lately, and lillard's hot shot has become the key to the team's climb to the top. Now, players can be burned like virtual tennis, while real lillard is the league's torch team.

In the case of the town, after the injury to teammate Jimmy butler, he has been greatly strengthened. He is not only able to be a featured player in the offense, he says. He also beefed up his defense to keep wolves in the playoffs, even if their best perimeter players were on the shelf.

Another recent hit has not been as much attention as lillard or Tom, but the New Orleans pelican defender Jrue Holiday.

The holiday has gained four points in the NBA 2K18(NBA 2K MT Coins), and given his recent performance, it's a matter of course.

According to NBA, the Holiday in the last 10 games, on average, scored more than 19 points per game, more impressive is that he is very efficient, it can be seen from his impressive shots.

Emeka Okafor, a holiday teammate, also received a quarter of his overall rating, which is necessary, given the firm data he has been insisting on.

Fans of the game will be able to adjust more information about the upcoming NBA 2K18 list.