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NBA 2K21: MyTeam desperately needs this feature in next year's game

Apr-03-2020 PST

The 2019-20 release season for NBA 2K was strong for MyTeam mode. For the most part, the servers were consistent with the situation in NBA 2K20, and the content flow was consistent. This was especially the case in this difficult time when people relied heavily on games to entertain them while forced to stay at home to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

While this was a good year for MyTeam, like everything else, it's still not perfect. The only addition I would suggest would not lower the situation to a 100 percent approval rate in the 2K universe - this doesn't exist for anything.

However, it is something that does not require a current member of the MyTeam community, but it can increase the number of players interested in the situation.

What's Wrong With MyTeam NBA 2K ... Especially This Time?

If you play in MyTeam mode as much as I do, and that's a lot, you know 2K starts firing so many cards with the highest levels of gems at this time of year.

This basically creates superhero teams across the board, and if you don't have a team on an equal footing it may seem like you're in a bad way, and that's not quite right, but the perception cannot be completely ignored.

This annual trend is starting to move away from the situation as a strategy starts to fall by the side of the road and players tend to stack their teams with the best cards instead of learning how to play with them.

The introduction of the salary limit mode, which exists in the Madden Ultimate Team and is very similar to the EA football franchise, will act as a game operator for MyTeam.

How a salary limit could regulate some madness

In NBA 2K18, MyTeam had a feature called SuperMax, and this option was supposed to be brought into mode. Unfortunately, the position was canceled after a year and has not been seen since.

It was flawed already, but many argue that 2K should not have left the whole concept, but instead had to tweak it to provide the best possible for its community. NBA 2K21 is the perfect version to bring the feature back, and almost next year, when 2K starts removing tons of Galaxy Opal cards, there is an option for sim style players to enter the mode.

The beauty of the maximum pay function is that it organizes the number of elite players you can get in an active squad. So it forces the player to find value in the low gem cards, and you can also argue that this style requires more skill and a general understanding of the situation.

Instead of trying to pile up your team with as many Galaxy Opal and Pink Diamond players as you can find, you may have to rely heavily on Amethyst and Rubies and maybe even Sapphires and Emeralds to contribute to your team.

Basically this is very similar to real basketball, but you still get a chic touch that represents MyTeam's main draw.

This will create a more legitimate e-sport

Salary ceilings would also create a more legitimate e-sports platform. In the past two years, 2K has run a $ 250,000 MyTeam Unlimited course. Unlimited mode is exactly as it is shown. There are no restrictions on profiles. You can get any player currently available in your team's position.

However, 2K did not open the gates with the most powerful card fleet, even after this tournament ended. This is likely to be done to maintain the kind of balance you have talked about above as this is necessary when participating in e-sports competition.

Why not create and maintain this concept in a separate function? Regardless of the number of Galaxy Opals in circulation, there is only a large number that you can have in a specified payroll, so the balance is created by job restrictions.

Will this kill MyTeam Unlimited?

The 2K question may be that this kills the MyTeam Unlimited concept because it is clear that many of the huge sums of money spent on exact trades are fueled by MTU's unlimited capabilities.

The short answer to this question is no.

Just because 2K MyTeam gives the maximum salary mode doesn't mean he has to cancel the MTU mode or even the MTU eSports tournament. There will still be many fans who prefer to play with completely unlimited menus.

These people continue to spend real money to collect NBA 2K MT so that they can open the packages. Not every player wants to be forced to play the equivalent of their B team, and these players will play MTU, or maybe both.

At this point, it's almost unacceptable that 2K doesn't follow the lead of other editing styles in the sports industry. So look forward to nba big novelty in sight for 2K.